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Most Common Questions Related to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but regardless of where you work or what you do, you should be prepared for the possibility of suffering an injury while on the job. Workers’ compensation regulations are complex, and it’s very difficult to try to figure them out while you’re dealing with an injury. Before an injury occurs, you should be familiar with your company’s workers’ compensation policies and your rights under Pennsylvania law.

The following are some common questions people have regarding workers’ compensation:

  • I worked with my insurer, but I am still not being paid. Why? It is possible that, although you received a copy of a Notice of Compensation Payable (NCP) from your insurance company, it was not properly filed with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. If this is the case, the bureau is under no obligation to provide you with compensation.
  • Does workers’ compensation extend beyond treatment of the initial injury? If you suffered an injury that may require rehabilitation or extended time away from work, you may be eligible to receive benefits to cover those costs. As an alternative, you may be paid a portion of your salary while off the job.
  • Do I have to be injured at my workplace to be covered by workers’ compensation? Not necessarily. If you are engaged in a work-related activity when you sustain your injury, even at a work-related social function or when performing work for your employer off the actual jobsite, you will likely be covered through the state’s workers’ compensation program.

Should you find yourself in a situation in which your workers’ compensation benefits conflict with your expectations, call a lawyer with Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C.. Our team helps interpret the relevant laws and policies appropriately, giving you a better chance at a positive outcome.


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