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Ephrata Cloister, located in the tranquil settings of Lancaster County, PA, is a historic site of great significance, offering visitors a glimpse into a unique 18th-century religious community. This well-preserved cloister provides a fascinating look at the communal lifestyle and spiritual practices of the Ephrata community.


Founded in 1732, Ephrata Cloister was a center for religious devotion, artistic creativity, and intellectual activity. The site includes original 18th-century buildings, each telling the story of the cloister’s inhabitants and their dedication to spiritual pursuits. The architecture and layout of the cloister reflect the distinct beliefs and practices of the community.


Visitors to Ephrata Cloister can explore the site through guided tours, led by knowledgeable interpreters who provide insights into the daily life, beliefs, and historical context of the community. The tours include visits to the original buildings, such as the meetinghouse, dormitories, and workshops, each meticulously preserved.


Ephrata Cloister hosts a variety of cultural programs and special events throughout the year. These include music performances, historical reenactments, and educational workshops, offering an immersive experience into the cultural heritage of the site.


The site is not only a tourist attraction but also an important center for historical research and preservation. Efforts to maintain and restore the buildings, as well as ongoing research into the community’s history, contribute to the understanding and appreciation of this unique historical site.

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Winters Leadership Memorial

War veterans are heroes that deserve recognition and respect. The Winters Leadership Memorial seeks to honor all Ephrata’s vets, including Dick Winter, a local hero who served our country bravely in World War II.

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