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Go to the source and experience high-quality milk for yourself. A visit to Fox Meadows Creamery will take you close enough so that your nose is immediate gratification – just a field away from their family-owned farm where contention cows have been producing superior products for over 70 years.


The award-winning Fox Meadow Creamery offers a variety of ice creams, including the popular ones with locally sourced cream. Ephrata has been enjoying its delicious dairy products since generations passed down recipes for making these delicacies.


Fox Meadow Creamery is the perfect destination for anyone who enjoys delicious ice cream with an authentic, rustic feel. The factory store sell-out flavor combination of their signature cone waffle and cookie dough will have you coming back again and again.


When you come to Fox Meadows Creamery, be prepared for an experience like no other. They take pride in the quality of their ice cream and promise that each delicious scoop is made with milk from cows who live happy lives on a small dairy farm just across the field.


Fox Meadows Creamery near Ephrata, PA, is a farm that specializes in innovative dairy farming practices. Their creations show off the high-quality flavors they are known for, making them an excellent choice when enjoying something fresh and delicious.


Fox Meadows Creamery is committed to producing delicious “cow-to-cone” ice cream, and they do it the old-fashioned way. Visitors can watch their favorite flavors get made right in front of them with a viewing window that gives you an up-close look at all stages, from milk processing through production.


The Creamery is the place to be for all your ice cream needs. They offer a wide variety of flavors that satisfy any palate. You can also get delicious shakes, floats, or just dessert, depending on what you’re craving – they have something perfect in store every time I’ve been there; their staff has always been friendly enough, so make sure not to miss out by scheduling an appointment today.


Fox Meadows Creamery is known for its handcrafted ice cream, made from milk sourced only at our farm. They start with the finest ingredients – fresh cow’s milk and pure cultures in every scoop.


The lunch menu at Fox Meadows is full of options for everyone, from the health-conscious consumer who wants a fresh green salad with their choice of artisanal burger or sandwich to those looking to enjoy some good old-fashioned comfort food–like soup.


Address: 2475 W Main St, Ephrata, PA 17522.

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Ephrata Fair

The Ephrata Fair has been a tradition in Lancaster County since it first took place to appreciate military veterans coming home from World War I. This fair makes the farmer’s festival one of Pennsylvania’s oldest, dating back to 1919. It was then that locals added their harvest celebration, which is now known globally for its uniqueness and beauty – making this event stand out as no other can compare with its magic moments. When fields come alive under golden sunshine or soft rain-soaked night skies above you, fireflies dance around, trying to distract them even further away until darkness falls.

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