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The Lancaster County Amish Market is a 60-acre location with plenty to see and do – you’ll find fresh produce and artisan-crafted items like handmade pottery or wood carvings from nearby communities that speak volumes about their culture (and prices).


The Lancaster County Amish Market has become a beloved location for shoppers worldwide. So, if you’re considering meeting your local farmers around Ephrata and enjoying some delicious produce at the Green Dragon Farmers Market & Auction in beautiful PA – check out what’s happening this week.


The Green Dragon Farmers Market & Auction has been holding events nationwide for more than 80 years. The event is one of many that make up our spectacular Eastern seaboard. It brings together buyers from near and far with items such as old coins or collections; handmade jewelry made by local artisans – all under one roof.


Green Dragon Farmers Market & Auction is a must-visit for anyone eyeing getting away from the hustle and bustles of city life. With over 30 acres available, there’s plenty of free parking and an excellent indoor shopping experience with our merchants, who bring their unique goods you won’t find anywhere else.


The picturesque Green Dragon Farmers Market is the perfect location to pick up fresh produce, meat, and fish. With more than 100 vendors present at any given time, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


The Green Dragon is a one-stop shop for all your flea market needs. You can find anything from fresh produce and meats to antique furniture, jewelry made by local artisans, or handmade cards at no cost! Not only does this venue offer an incredible selection of items, but it’s also family-friendly, with over 100 vendors set up inside. So there will be something perfect here whether you’re looking or just browsing around without necessarily knowing what specific thing catches your eye the first time.


The Green Dragon Farmers Market & Auction is where you can find great deals on farmers’ market produce and other items. Unfortunately, they have an animal’s policy that prohibits pets from attending, but service animal lovers. However, you’re in luck because this rule doesn’t apply to them – as long as your pup has the correct paperwork, they will be let through security at their own discretion, so make sure to check before heading over there next time around.

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