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You will find a blend of old-world and new at Lancaster Central Market. Established in 1730, this Lancaster, PA, area market town is home to the country’s longest-standing public farmer’s Market that continues to run today. However, the City of Lancaster is not just a historic town with old-world charm. It is home to America’s most famous public Market: The Lancaster Central Market.


The Central Market in historic Lancaster is more than just a place to buy fresh produce. The Market had offered an outlet for local vendors and artists since 1889 when it opened its doors as one of the first markets in America.


When you enter the Lancaster Central Market, your senses will be overwhelmed with a delicious array of fresh produce from locally grown soils. Another reason to stop there is that they also sell prepared foods that represent the cultural diversity found in this area. So make sure not to miss out on all these tasty options when visiting our farmer’s Market come summertime.

Lancaster Central Market


A step inside is sure to highlight what makes this Market so unique. Deeply nutrient-rich veggies straight off their farms. Cheeses are made by local people who care about them just as much as we do. They are proud of where their milk comes from and how each dish reflects its culture.


Situated at 23 North Market Street, Lancaster, PA 17603, The Lancaster Central Market is where people worldwide buy fresh produce and other items that are only sometimes available in their home country. It is also an essential reminder of how trade can unite different cultures. In addition, the Market gives us access to food and trinkets or clothes representing another culture entirely.


This beautiful marketplace offers delicious food, and unique vendors are always ready for you to arrive! Find what suits your appetite best if there are fresh vegetables or fruit stalls. The vendors are always coming up with new ideas just like these delicacies from across America have come into their lives recently– so next time someone says, ‘Meet You at the Market,’ understand that it is not just any market but the Lancaster Market.


The Central Market in Lancaster, PA, is a great place to start your next adventure! Whether you are looking for something relaxing or exciting – there are always plenty of options. You will be able to explore the history behind every corner and learn about traditions passed down from generation to generation while making new friends along the way.

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Dutch Apple Dinner Theater

Dutch Apple Dinner Theater

The Dutch Apple Dinner Theater is the perfect place to enjoy dinner and a show. You’ll be treated like royalty while enjoying New York-style theater in the Lancaster Pennsylvania area.

The Dutch Apple Dinner Theater is more than just an ordinary theater. With its white tablecloths and cushioned seats, it looks like a fine dining establishment from the outside! The inside of this lavishly decorated venue might not be as lavish or extraordinary in terms of décor. Don’t let appearances deceive you: come for dinner here instead (or order takeout) because what lies beneath those pristine surfaces are some seriously delicious dishes prepared by our expert chefs that will leave your taste buds singing with joy.

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