Learn What to Do After a Vehicle Accident in Lancaster, PA

Advice from experienced personal injury attorneys

pic-what-to-do-after-auto-accidentThe frightening experience of being in an auto accident can leave you confused about what to do next. But your actions during the moments immediately after your crash are crucial to your good health and a successful personal injury claim.

Georgelis Injury Law Firm, P.C. in Lancaster is dedicated to personal injury recovery. During the many years we have handled vehicle collision claims, we have learned what steps are important to take after an accident. They include:

Make an effective plan of action

Nobody expects to be in an accident, but by having an effective plan of action in mind, you can act quickly and decisively if a crash does occur. We recommend you take these steps to protect your health and preserve your personal injury claim:

  • Get medical care. Symptoms of injuries sometimes do not arise for days or even weeks after your accident. A doctor should evaluate you for trauma, especially to your brain and spinal cord. The doctor’s examination not only begins the medical care you need, but also documents the nature and extent of your injuries for your legal case.
  • Notify law enforcement. A police officer should investigate the wreck and provide you with a complete report. The report is an important account of the accident.
  • Take photographs. Most cellphones are equipped with cameras. Take photos of the cars, roadway, signs, skid marks, debris and other evidence.
  • Record what you see and hear. While your memory is still fresh, write down your observations about the moments before, during and after the collision. Make sure you note the other driver’s conduct and statements.
  • Be cooperative, but careful, about what you say. Courtesy toward the other driver and police officers can help ease tensions. But never admit fault. The less you say, the better.
  • Report the accident to your insurance company. Your auto insurance policy may require you to notify your agent about a car crash within a specified number of days. Also, you can avoid delays in processing your claim by reporting the incident right away.
  • Consult our personal injury attorneys as soon as possible. Our law firm can advise you about your rights and options after your auto accident. We urge you to contact us as soon as you can, so we can begin investigating your accident immediately and file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations runs.

Make a plan of action in case you are ever in a car crash

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