You Have Options if You Were Hit by an Uninsured Motorist

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pic-uninsured-motoristsTen percent of drivers in Pennsylvania are uninsured. Many more motorists carry only the minimum amount of insurance required by law, which often is insufficient to cover the consequences of a serious accident.

Georgelis Injury Law Firm, P.C., a family-owned, Lancaster-based law firm, devotes its practice to personal injury claims. By committing all of our resources to this one area of law, we can concentrate on developing creative solutions to complex personal injury matters. If you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, you have options. Our attorneys help you determine how to recover compensation for your injuries.

Mandatory auto insurance in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania law requires motorists to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance. Your policy should at least contain:

  • Medical benefits — $5,000 for your medical bills, regardless of who was at fault in the crash
  • Bodily injury liability for one injured person — $15,000 for one person whom you are responsible for injuring in a single accident
  • Bodily injury liability for all injured people — $30,000 total damages for all the people you are responsible for injuring in a single accident
  • Property damage liability — $5,000 for someone else’s property you are responsible for damaging

It is prudent to carry more than the minimum amount of coverage. Although you pay higher premiums, additional coverage can help you avoid personal financial responsibility if you cause a serious car accident.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is optional

You can buy optional coverage in addition to the mandatory minimum required by state law, including:

  • Uninsured motorists (UM) — Covers injuries to you and your passengers if an uninsured motorist causes your accident
  • Underinsured motorists (UIM) — Covers injuries to you and your passengers if an underinsured motorist who is at fault for your crash does not have enough insurance to cover your damages

Other types of optional insurance coverage pay compensation for property damage, rental costs and death benefits.

Dramshop laws of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania dramshop laws impose liability on those who serve alcohol to an intoxicated person or to someone who is under the legal drinking age of 21, if the drunk or underage person causes an accident. The dramshop laws are particularly important if the drunk driver who ran into you is uninsured or underinsured.

Recover compensation even if you are hit by an uninsured motorist

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