We Advise You on What to Do After an Injury at Work in Lancaster, PA

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The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act requires most employers to carry insurance to cover on-the-job injuries and occupational diseases. To collect these benefits, however, you must take a series of steps under the law. Georgelis Injury Law Firm, P.C. helps you protect your right to workers compensation benefits. Our lawyers guide you through the process so you receive your rightful payments as quickly as possible. Based in Lancaster County, our attorneys remain accessible so you get the efficient, effective legal services you deserve.

Preserving your right to workers compensation benefits

You must abide by the statutes to preserve your right to compensation. The steps include:

  • Report your injury immediately — Failure to notify your employer about your injury can result in delay or denial of your claim. Report your work-related accident immediately. In the case of an occupational illness, notify your employer as soon as possible after your diagnosis.
  • Get prompt medical treatment — You should seek medical treatment as soon as you can. If your employer has posted a list of approved doctors, you must initially receive treatment from a healthcare provider on that list. If your employer has not posted a list, you may select your own doctor. Following this rule is crucial because the insurance company may refuse to pay for a doctor not approved by your employer.
  • Continue your treatment as long as necessary — After your workers compensation payments begin, you may have further obligations. For example, you may be required to periodically prove you are entitled to continue receiving workers comp benefits.

Our lawyers assess your situation to ensure you are taking the actions necessary to establish and retain eligibility for work injury benefits.

What to expect from your employer

Your employer has certain duties prescribed by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, including:

  • Filing a first report of injury — Your employer must file the report of injury with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation as soon as your injury causes you to lose a day, shift or turn of work.
  • Accept or deny your claim — If your employer denies your claim, we can help you file a petition with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation requesting a hearing before a workers compensation judge.

Our firm conducts a full investigation to determine whether your employer is meeting its legal obligations to you.

Make sure you are taking the right steps after your workplace injury

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