Lancaster Attorneys Help You Win Workers Compensation Benefits

Payments for lost wages, medical bills, disabilities or a work-related death

pic-workers-comp-benefitsBefore the workers compensation system, an on-the-job injury could mean financial ruin for a family. Injured workers often lost their jobs, leaving them no means for paying medical bills and living expenses. To make matters worse, disabilities sometimes made returning to work impossible or allowed the worker to engage in only a less-demanding job at lower pay. The workers compensation program sought to right these wrongs. Pennsylvania workers are entitled to payments for medical care and lost wages and sometimes for disabilities arising from their workplace injuries.

Georgelis Injury Law Firm, P.C. is dedicated to helping injured Lancaster County clients recover compensation for their injuries. As a family firm, we understand that a workplace injury or illness does not just affect you — your entire family’s financial security is at stake. Our team shows compassion and respect as we aggressively advance your interests under the workers compensation system.

Are you eligible for workers compensation benefits?

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act requires most employers to carry coverage for job-related injuries. However, the law exempts some types of workers, including many agricultural laborers, and allows some executive officers to opt out. Our lawyers have encountered situations in which workers do not discover they are not covered by workers compensation until they are seriously injured — a frightening prospect, especially if you do not have medical insurance.

Our team promptly investigates whether your employer has the appropriate coverage. If not, we immediately pursue other options. We typically file a petition for benefits with the Uninsured Employers Guaranty Fund, and we may file a lawsuit in civil court.

Types of workers compensation benefits

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act governs employers’ coverage of work-related accidents and occupational diseases for eligible employees. Depending on your individual circumstances, the law may entitle you to benefits that include:

  • Medical careWorkers compensation typically covers reasonable surgical and medical services, including medicine, supplies, hospital treatments, orthopedic appliances and prostheses, related to your worksite accident or illness.
  • Payments for lost wagesYou may receive wages while you are totally disabled and unable to work or while you are partially disabled and making less money than you were before your workplace accident or illness.
  • Specific loss benefits Specific loss benefits are awarded if you lost permanent use of your thumb, finger, hand, arm, leg, foot, toe, sight or hearing or if you have a permanent disfigurement of your head, face or neck.
  • Death benefits Surviving dependents of a fatally injured worker may be entitled to death benefits.

In addition, if you are already receiving workers comp, you may need to satisfy the continued eligibility requirements of the law by proving that your treatments remain necessary or that you still have disabilities that hinder your performance of job tasks.

Learn more about your workers comp benefits after a job-related accident

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