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How to Prepare for Your Personal Injury Suit

pic-wrongful-death-lawsAccording to the U.S. District Courts, over 22 percent of U.S. civil cases filed in 2013 were for personal injury. This number is truly remarkable given that only around five percent of personal injury claims ever make it to trial in the first place.

A personal injury case can sometimes take years to conclude, and requires vast stores of documentation, patience, and stamina. Understanding the process ahead of time will help prepare you for the realities of trial, and may even make a critical difference in the outcome of your case.

It might take a while before the trial is over.

The length of time it takes to settle a personal injury suit varies on a case by case basis, but it is important to understand that your case may take a long time to wrap up. The larger and more in-depth your case, the longer it will take to reach its conclusion. Being patient and realistic will help you handle the inevitable delays and frustrations that come along with many legal experiences.

Your may feel your privacy is compromised.

pic-wrongful-death-faqsYou should also expect to feel that your privacy is being compromised. Defense attorneys can request a wide range of documents, from medical and financial records to information related to your employment history. This may seem like overkill, and possibly even irrelevant, but they have legal rights to your information if they believe it may shed light on your case.

Expect the defense attorney to be combative during your testimony.

One of the most stressful moments in any personal injury case is the moment you find yourself called to provide testimony. In this situation, it is very important to remember to remain calm and rational. Defense attorneys will often try to anger plaintiffs in personal injury cases, but it is in your best interest to maintain your composure, as a jury will be more likely to feel sympathetic.

Make sure you have the right legal counsel to lean on.

Finally, you need feel confident that you have proper legal representation. You will rely heavily on your attorney to walk you through the oftentimes confusing aspects and proceedings of a trial, so having someone you’re comfortable with is critical. You don’t just need a lawyer with experience helping plaintiffs in personal injury cases — you need a lawyer with whom you can connect, and one who inspires confidence.georgelis-law-team

If you believe you have grounds for pursuing damages in a personal injury case and are in need of an experienced, caring legal team, contact Georgelis Injury Law Firm, P.C. today.

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