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2016-05-13 Auto Accidents

rear end accidentIt’s an all-too-common scenario: you’re waiting at a red light on your way to work, and just as you take another sip of your morning coffee you hear a loud slam and feel your entire vehicle jerking forward. A rear end accident can put a major damper on your day, as well as a dent in your budget. More worryingly, it can cause long-lasting injuries. If you have been the victim of a rear end accident, suffered rear end collision injuries, or just want to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to keep yourself protected by the law, look no further.

Who is at fault?

Proving the fault of the other driver is the first step toward getting compensation. Though each case will be evaluated individually, the law most often holds the tailing driver accountable for rear end accidents. Physical damage to your vehicle can also serve as useful evidence as to the nature of the accident, so be sure to take plenty of photos and save any repair bills. To find out for sure however, talking to an experienced legal professional is the best way to work through the specifics of your case.

Injury claims

Claims can be filed for a wide variety of rear end collision injuries. The list is long, but the most common examples include whiplash, back injuries, face and head injuries, wrist and hand injuries, and seatbelt injuries. If you have incurred any medical expenses, or have had to miss work because of any of these, you may be eligible for compensation under the law.

Making your case

Talking to an experienced lawyer is the best way to go if you are looking to collect, but there are a few ways you can get started right after your accident to make sure you have the best chances of settling the score in your favor. Make sure to document any and all injuries you have, as well as getting copies of medical records, which will both be able to prove physical injuries incurred. Police reports are also a good form of documentation to hold on to. Finally, collecting contact information from eyewitnesses after the accident is always a good option as well.


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