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Wine connoisseurs will be thrilled with the wide selection of wines available at Weathered Vineyards Ephrata Wine Tasting Room & Bar. There are 11 different types from all over Europe, even some rare bottles that can’t easily find their way into other tasting rooms.


Witty and seasonal, Weathered Vineyards Ephrata is a Pennsylvania destination in Ephrata for visitors who want to sample the local wine scene. Visitors may stay overnight at Smithton Inn B&B, where they can use their own glasses in our tasting room – come by before it’s too late.


Weathered Vineyards Ephrata is the only place to go for wine tasting in this area. With over 20 varieties of grapes, you’re sure to find something your taste buds have never experienced. If sweet flavors delight them most, try our dessert wines; if dry ones get top billing on their list, head downstairs and fill up at Smithton Inn’s bar while sampling one bite after another until finally ending up with a complete order.


Make your way to the only Ephrata-area establishment that offers an array of wines, from sweet and dry. You’ll find all the contemporary facilities you might hope for in this hotel – including 24/7 room service. This is a great location to come to if you want some delicious wines with your meal, but they also have plenty of other specialty drinks and locally brewed beers for those who don’t drink alcohol.


This winery hosts special tasting for you, with wine and cheeses. So go and taste their latest releases from the Ephrata region of Pennsylvania. You’ll be able to enjoy them while parking nearby at home or taking advantage of overflow spaces just five doors down from us if needed – but please note that these are not overnight guest spots, so don’t try any funny business on your way out either.


Weathered Vineyards Ephrata is the perfect destination for anyone who loves wine. Sip away at one of its many tasting rooms, and enjoy some red or white in a cozy setting by an open fireplace during winter months. Suppose you want to spend time outdoors this festive season, head there. They have picnic tables where people can gather together while drinking their favorite beverages under sunbeams so hot they would make even astronauts jealous (not that I know what that feels).


Address: 900-A W Main St, Ephrata, PA 17522.

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