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If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, Call Georgelis First! Failure to act quickly can jeopardize your claim for compensation. At Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., we do everything we can to make sure your chances of financial recovery are not compromised. We work hard to build a strong case for you. Often, we are able to achieve a full settlement without your ever having to see the inside of the courtroom. We will however, take your case to trial, if we believe that will get better results. Always Free Consultations, Never a fee unless we get money for you!

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Icon Auto Accidents

A catastrophic car crash can leave you with permanent disability, scarring or disfigurement, lost income and diminished...

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Icon Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are not just a form of transportation but, for many, a way of life. The freedom and exhilaration of riding in...

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Icon Bicycle Accidents

People are encouraged to bicycle to stay fit and reduce their carbon footprint. While Lancaster County has taken steps to...

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Icon Pedestrian / Motor Vehicle Collisions

Walking is a main form of transportation for many folks in Lancaster County. In addition, the opportunity to meander...

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Icon Commercial Vehicle Accidents

When we think of commercial vehicles, we often think of tractor-trailers. But there are many other dangerous vehicles on...

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Icon Tractor-Trailer Wrecks

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reports that 145 fatal and 2,807 injury-causing truck crashes occurred...

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Icon What To Do After A Car Accident

Advice From Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys The frightening experience of being in an auto accident can leave you...

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Icon Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Benefits

Our Lancaster, PA personal Injury Firm Can Advise You Ten percent of drivers in Pennsylvania are uninsured. Many more...

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Icon Protect Yourself

These days, car crashes, auto wrecks, motor vehicle accidents or whatever you want to call them are all too common in...

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Icon Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Just like with liability coverage, every motor vehicle insurance policy written in Pennsylvania must have a minimum of...

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Icon Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted drivers are one of the most significant dangers to the safety of others on the road. They are more likely to...

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Icon Auto Accident FAQs

We explain the law to you clearly and candidly so you understand your rights and know what to expect from the legal process.

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