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Hire Local: Choosing a Lancaster Lawyer

When you get hurt at work, injured in a car accident or are the victim of negligence, you need support from people you trust. When choosing a lawyer to help you fight for justice and compensation for your injury, it’s…

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You Will Be Under Surveillance After a Workers’ Compensation Claim

2020-07-10 POSTED IN: Uncategorized,Workers' Compensation

After being injured on the job and filing for a worker’s compensation claim, an employee should always assume they will be under some sort of surveillance. Employers and insurers alike often hire insurance claim investigators to poke holes in the…

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Bicycle Crashes on the Decline for 3rd Straight Year in Pennsylvania

We have some good news. The number of bicycle crashes has decreased for the last three years in Pennsylvania. However, these types of accidents are still responsible for nearly twenty deaths a year in our state and hundreds of injuries—many…

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Texting While Driving — A Major Distraction

2020-06-10 POSTED IN: Auto Accidents,Car Accidents

A study by researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute indicates that your collision risk is 23 times greater if you are texting while driving.  The researchers in that study equipped trucks with video cameras that showed the drivers looking…

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