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Lancaster’s TOP Loss of Sight and Loss of Hearing Injury Attorneys Get Maximum Compensation for Victims

Catastrophic loss of sight and loss of hearing injuries have a substantial impact on the injured person, their families, and their finances. When these types of injuries happen, the victim is faced with life-long pain, suffering, medical expenses, treatments—and a new way of life.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a loss of sight or a loss of hearing due to a workplace accident or an injury caused due to someone else’s negligence, call on Lancaster’s #1 Personal Injury Firm—Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C.. Our experienced personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys have won more than $90,000,000.00 for clients whose lives have been forever impacted due to injury.

Our experience with loss of sight and loss of hearing injuries on a medical level informs our legal work, allowing us to aggressively pursue the compensation these injuries require.

Common Causes of Loss of Sight and Loss of Hearing

  • Debris from Workplace Accident Lodged in Eye
  • Car Accident Debris Striking Eyes of Drivers, Passengers, or Nearby Pedestrians
  • Blunt Force Trauma to Ear or Eye
  • Flying Objects at Work
  • Chemical Burns at Work
  • Explosions on the Job
  • Cumulative Effect of Noisy Workplace
  • Brain Injuries


How Do I Know If I Have a Case for Loss of Sight or Loss of Hearing?

When it comes to a workplace injury, there is a particular formula a doctor must use when making his or her calculations on the percent hearing or vision loss someone is experiencing. For blindness or loss of vision, paying scheduled benefits based on a percentage of your average weekly wages requires a specific loss claim.

Blindness/Loss of Sight

This specific loss is paid on top of your regular pay or disability pay and is awarded for:

  • Loss of the Eye or Blindness
  • Loss of Eyesight (Legally Blind)

Benefits are paid for 275 weeks, plus a healing period of 10 weeks.

Loss of Hearing or Loss of Ear

Often, a person with at least ten percent hearing loss will report they are unable to hear the television, voices on the telephone, or even the voices of those who are close by.

In order to be entitled to benefits, a worker must demonstrate that these symptoms were brought on by being exposed to hazardous noise while on the job. That determination is not easy, and that’s why a physician is needed to render an opinion as to whether the hearing loss is related to noise on the job. Without this medical opinion, it is not possible to win a claim for hearing loss benefits.

Once a doctor has determined you have at least ten percent binaural hearing loss, and, within a reasonable degree of medical certainty, it is due to noise on the job, you have a viable claim.

If it is determined you are entitled to workers’ compensation, your benefits include doctor visits, hearing aids, and hearing aid batteries. Specific wage loss benefits are also provided. The amount of benefits that an individual is entitled to receive depends on the percentage of loss they are experiencing.

The greater the percentage of loss, the greater the amount of money the person can receive. The injured worker would be entitled to receive up to 260 weeks of compensation benefits based on their average weekly salary at the time they were last exposed to the noise.

Legal Damages for Vision and Hearing Loss

When these types of injuries happen because of someone else’s negligence, you can recover the following kinds of legal damage as part of a personal injury lawsuit in Central Pennsylvania, in addition to the cost of your current and future medical bills.

  • Lost Income
  • Lost Earning Capacity
  • Pain and Suffering

Call Lancaster’s 5-Star Rated Firm For Your Loss of Hearing or Loss of Vision Injury, Right Away!

Claims for these types of injuries can be very tricky. If they are due to a workplace injury, your employer and its insurer may try to stand between you and the benefits you deserve. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys will fight to get you what you deserve while navigating the complicated process for you.

Our attorneys at Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C. have helped secure millions of dollars for accident victims. If you or someone you know is injured on the job, Call Georgelis First at 1-800-HURT-NOW.

We’re available 24/7 and will come to you for a free consultation. We never collect a fee unless we get money for you. Contact us today and we’ll handle everything from here!

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