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Low-speed collisions are common in parking lots as motorists pull in and out of driving spaces and are unable to see approaching vehicles. These types of crashes typically involve minor damage to vehicles, however, there are other times they lead to serious and even fatal injuries—most often when they involve an unsuspecting pedestrian.

While there are a number of factors that can lead to parking lot accidents, driver error is one of the most prevalent causes. If a driver caused a crash that injured you or a family member, call Georgelis First at -1800-HURT-NOW for a FREE CASE REVIEW. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have helped countless parking lot injury accident victims recover compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and much more–and we can help you too!


Common Causes of Commercial Parking Lot Accidents

Commercial parking lots are not the friendliest of places for pedestrians. While there are spaces clearly marked for cars to park, very few lots have designated walking areas. In an environment where people and moving vehicles are in such close proximity, accidents happen.

Often, they happen because a driver isn’t paying attention as he or she is backing up or when a blind spot obstructs the driver’s view. Some other common causes include:

  • Speeding Drivers- Pedestrians expect drivers to move slowly through parking lots. However, with no speed bumps, stop signs or traffic signals, many drivers pay little attention to how fast they are going. In such a small space speeding drivers can't stop quickly enough to avoid hitting a pedestrian in their path.
  • Weather Conditions- Snow, ice, and rain can create hazardous conditions very quickly. Drivers may lose control when making turns or attempting to stop, while pedestrians are more worried about their footing and staying dry than looking around for approaching cars.

Business owners and property managers alike should make every effort to clear parking lots of snow and ice, as well as keep them in good repair.

Common Injuries From Parking Lot Accidents

Since parking lot accidents typically happen at lower speeds, injuries tend to be slightly less serious. There are some exceptions to the rule, however, and we know even minor injuries can result in significant medical expenses or a loss of wages during recovery. Common injuries include:

  • Cuts
  • Sprains
  • Bruises
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Whiplash
  • Airbag-related Injuries Such as Facial Factors
  • Broken Bones

It is important to note, injuries from an auto accident may not be immediately apparent because the rush of adrenaline in your body can mask the pain. For this reason, it is important to always seek medical attention following any type of parking lot accident.

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At Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., our parking lot accident lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients hurt by dangerous conditions on others’ property. Put our skills, knowledge and success to work for you!

If you were injured because of a careless driver, business, or property owner, CALL GEORGELIS FIRST at 1-800-HURT-NOW or 1-717-394-3004 or contact our firm online to schedule a free review, consultation and evaluation of your claim. Our attorneys are available 24/7 and can meet you during the day, after regular business hours or on the weekend. They can also visit you at home, in the hospital or rehabilitation center or anywhere else of your choosing.

Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C. is conveniently located on Embassy Drive, between Route 741 (Rohrerstown Road) and Good Drive. We are only 5 minutes from the Lancaster General Health Campus and offer plenty of free and spacious parking.

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