22nd Nov 2017

As published in the November/December issue of Hempfield Suburban News Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act is a unique creature. While fault for a work injury is most times irrelevant—meaning, even if you cause the accident, you will be entitled to benefits—these … more

4th Oct 2017

As Published In September, 2017 Hempfield Suburban News As an attorney who dedicates himself to helping Lancastrians who are injured in motor vehicle accidents, it pains me to say that there is no shortage of business in this regard. In … more

6th Sep 2017

For motorcycle enthusiasts, riding is a way of life. As such, most bikers are experienced, careful drivers who obey the rules of the road. Both private advocacy groups and law enforcement agencies across the country have attempted to raise awareness … more

3rd Aug 2017

For many people, the old adage, “A dog is a man’s best friend,” accurately describes the human-canine relationship. When a dog attacks a human, however, it can result in physical injuries and psychological trauma that could last for years. In … more

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