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Guided by integrity, hard work and a thorough knowledge of the law and court system, we provide powerful and effective representation to accident victims who are injured because of someone else’s negligence and recklessness and Lancaster’s workers who are hurt on the job. Our Lancaster PA Law Firm has been voted the #1 Personal Injury Law Firm year-after-year. With deep ties in the Lancaster County community, this is something we are very proud of.

Our Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Ephrata Borough (PA)

Georgelis Injury Law Firm in Ephrata Borough, PA can help if you or a loved one who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Immediately following a serious accident, it is critical to get a personal injury attorney involved. At Georgelis Law, our attorneys are well regarded in the legal community and have a commanding record of success. 

In most cases, our clients will never see the inside of the courtroom and still receive maximum compensation. However, if we do go to court, you can be confident, knowing we’ve won more than 99% of our cases and have recovered more than $70,000,000.00 for our clients. Injured? Georgelis Injury Law in Ephrata Borough, PA offers free consultations and we never collect a fee until we win for you! Just dial 1-800-HURT-NOW.

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Workers' Compensation in Ephrata Borough (PA)

An injury at work can affect every aspect of your daily life. Georgelis Injury Law Office P.C. in Ephrata Borough, PA can help if you’re dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and more following a workplace accident. There are several critical steps to take after being injured on the job...and any misstep along the way can severely impact the compensation you’ll received. Don’t navigate PA’s complicated workers’ comp system alone. We are here to work with you and your employer to ensure you are receiving every dollar you’re entitled to.

It is our privilege to serve you, and we are proud to represent you and your family. Georgelis Law Firm in Ephrata Borough, PA will give you the best representation when your livelihood and wages are at stake.

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Commercial Vehicle Accidents Ephrata Borough (PA)

Proving negligence by a commercial driver can be a difficult task. This is particularly true when they have large companies backing them. After an accident, commercial driving companies often dispatch their own investigators and attorney to the scene of the crash. They are there to collect evidence, many times, before the injured party can even reach the hospital.

Once at the hospital, representatives of the company may attempt to reach the injured person or their loved ones. Many times, they will request a signed declaration and detailed account of the accident. Never sign papers or give a recorded declaration. By offering a signature or a statement, they are hoping you’ll say something that will help their case–and jeopardize your financial compensation. Do not proceed, no matter how persistent the trucking company representatives may be.

Georgelis Law in Ephrata Borough, PA can be reached at 1-800-HURT NOW. We will help guide you through the process and speak to those parties, on your behalf, to ensure you get the money that is owed to you.

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Personal Injury and Accident Law Firm in Ephrata Borough (PA)

Trial attorneys at Georgelis Law in Ephrata Borough, PA are highly qualified,  compassionate, and will build your trust from the get-go. Our personal injury lawyers will help you navigate your medical treatments, bills, lost wages and more.  We will provide peace of mind and the path to maximized compensation by providing a high level of service.

Georgelis Injury Law firm in Ephrata Borough, PA is a personal injury law firm that represents the community as well as surrounding areas. We have an array of experience with accident and injury victims. This means our lawyers are at the forefront of injury laws and understand the best methods to present personal injury claims. We will fight aggressively for your rights, dedicating all our resources and energy to ensuring you receive full compensation for your injuries.

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Motorcycle Accidents in Ephrata Borough, PA

Our top injury attorneys at Georgelis Law in Ephrata Borough, PA will fight large insurance companies for you so that you can focus on healing from your injuries, and your family. If you have been injured or involved in a motorcycle accident we will help see to it that you get your medical bills paid, and that you are compensated for lost current and future income, and more. We will help you determine if you can hold negligent and reckless drivers responsible for your loss of enjoyment, pain, and suffering. 

For 24 hour assistance, you can contact us via our forms on our website or a live chat. To receive the compensation you are entitled, you can call us at 1-800-HURT-NOW, anytime. If it’s more convenient, we can also visit you at your home, your office, your hospital room or rehabilitation center to discuss your case. We promise to make your experience as stress-free as possible and respond swiftly to all your questions.

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Wrongful Death Types of Compensation

Wrongful Death in Ephrata Borough

It is impossible to forget the loss of a loved one caused by negligence party. While monetary compensation will never take away the pain, it can provide financial stability comparable with what your loved one would have provided if he or she were still around. Georgelis Law Firm, P.C. in Ephrata Borough, PA focuses its practice on helping those who have suffered injury at the hands or another.

Your wrongful-death or survival claim will always be treated professionally, sensitively, and personally.  Our Attorneys work closely with the families and loved ones of farmers, construction workers and others who have lost their lives in a heavy machinery or equipment failure accident. Rely on our legal team to fight to help you get the financial damages you deserve. We have also represented countless families who have lost someone in trucking, bus, and car accidents. Even if you live far away, our team can help you navigate the process.

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Injuries We Handle in Ephrata Borough, PA

No matter the severity of your injury, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Georgelis Injury Law in Ephrata Borough, PA has five-star rated lawyers who are skilled in every type of injury case. Each case is unique and we have the experience in understanding how to navigate each one to ensure maximum compensation for our injured clients.

To report injuries suffered at work, or due to negligence or misconduct of another person, please dial 1-800-HURT NOW immediately. Georgelis Law attorneys in Ephrata Borough, PA are skilled in personal injury cases and have secured over $70,000,000.00 for clients

Mistakes in any claims process early on can lead to devastating financial consequences. For example, signing a form or speaking to an insurance agent could be detrimental to your case. Due to the strong relationships we have with our customers in Ephrata Borough, PA, residents have voted us #1 in personal injury law for 8 years in a row. We are ready to help you.

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