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We are committed to integrity, hard work, and a good understanding of the law. For Strasburg employees who have been hurt at work or those who have been victims of negligence or recklessness other than their own, we provide strong representation. Georgelis Law was voted as the #1 personal injury firm in each of the past 3 years.

Our Practice Areas

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Motor Vehicle Accidents in Strasburg

Georgelis should reach out to you if your motorcycle is in an accident. You can delay filing your claim. Insurance companies and lawyers trust us so that we can often pay all damages without ever having to appear in court.

Because we have more than 100 jury trials, we are able to represent our clients in court. Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C. offers free consultations and claims assessments. We don’t charge fees if you recover funds.

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Workers’ Compensation in Strasburg

A work-related injury can have a significant impact on your daily life. Georgelis First can help you if your work has been affected. More than $70,000,000 has been awarded to our clients. We will fight to protect your rights. If you do not wait for the right company, your workers’ compensation benefits could be terminated. This could enable your employer or insurance company to exploit you.

When your livelihood, wages, or medical benefits are at stake, you deserve the best representation. We would love the chance to represent you or your family.

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workers compensation and hearing loss
Truck Company Negligence

Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Strasburg

It can be difficult to prove negligence by a commercial driver, especially when they have large companies backing them with lawyers dispatched right away to the accident scene. Their attorneys arrive on the scene to collect evidence before anyone involved in an accident gets to the hospital.

Representatives of the company may try to reach the family members or injured parties once they arrive at the hospital. Representatives of the company may ask for a recorded statement, signed papers, and a detailed account. Do not agree to give any statement, recorded or not, or to sign any papers. They will try to get you to lie, and they will insist on making it difficult for you. Do not fall for the trap. It could endanger your claim.

Georgelis First is available at 1-800-HURT-NOW. One of our auto accident lawyers will help you navigate the process and ensure you get every penny you deserve.

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Personal Injury & Accident Law Firm in Strasburg

Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C.yer is available to represent Strasburg as well as the surrounding areas. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing victims of injuries and accidents. They are familiar with all methods and procedures used to file personal injuries claims. We will vigorously defend your rights and pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C.yer will earn your trust. We are available 24 hours a day to answer questions, address concerns, or answer calls. Our medical staff is highly qualified and compassionate. We will provide you with peace of mind while you heal from your injuries.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accidents in Strasburg

Motorcycles are not just for transport. Motorcycles offer people a way of life. Movies, music videos, books, and movies all highlight the freedom of riding your motorcycle. It’s an amazing way to escape from your daily grind. You don’t need to be accompanied by another driver when riding your motorcycle.

Georgelis Injury Attorney firm, P.C. The lawyers were court-tested. They helped Strasburg County bikers suffering severe injuries. They have been paid millions. The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code is important. Every driver has a responsibility, and all motorists need to follow it.

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Wrongful Death in Strasburg

It can be hard to believe that someone you love has died from negligence. The money you receive will not cover your losses. A money award may offer financial stability that your loved one could have provided if they had not died.

Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C.yer firm, P.C. Only those who have been seriously hurt by the negligence of another party can receive assistance. We can help you with your wrongful death and survivors’ claims.

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Wrongful Death Types of Compensation

Injuries We Handle In Strasburg

Every day is a chance to cause injury. You could be eligible to receive damages regardless of where you were injured, at work or on the roads. Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C.yers has been rated five stars. They are able to handle all types of cases. Every case is different and presents its own unique challenges.

Call 1-800-HURTNOW immediately for any injuries sustained at work or at home.

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