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What comes to mind when you think about the most scenic landscapes in Lancaster? Of course, it will be a picturesque valley surrounded by gorgeous mountains for many people. But for others who live or travel across this state, one more location comes to mind: Chickies Ridge. The name itself means “little chickens,” which makes sense considering how much rock is shaped into a distinct form. The uplifted Cambrian Chicky Formation extends several miles east before merging into surrounding higher grounds at Hellam Hills State Forest.


Chickies Hill Road is an old, winding road leading over the ridge and into Marietta. Union troops used it during The Gettysburg Campaign because it gave them a good view of Confederate positions across town from Wrightsville or downstream near Columbia. They were en route to meet where railroads met along three different streets. The “Chickie’s rock” observation post became famous for its strategic value.

Chickies Ridge


When the Columbia and Donegal Electric Railway built tracks up the side of a mountain, they had to make some tough decisions. As a result, the railway climbed for 1900 feet (580 m) on an 8% grade running west along Chickies Hill Road before curving sharply away from it near today’s park area called “Chickie’s Ridge.” Today, you can enjoy this scenic route without steep hills or tight bends.


The trolley company built this ride on Chickies Rock, overlooking the Susquehanna River. The line to this park opened up July 1st, 1893, and it’s just west of where we are now. The trails that wind throughout the hillside are tricky–but the views are breathtaking.


If you travel along Pennsylvania Route 441, it will be clear that this highway near this ridge has been engineered with extreme precision. The road cuts through miles and miles of farmland without so much of a tree in sight or any other natural features for distraction.


When the Pennsylvania Canal was built, it squeezed between Chickies Rock and what is now known as Columbia Blvd. The Atglen Susquehanna railroad branch also came into being at this time.

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