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The Columbia Crossing River Trails Center is the essential visitor information and education center for those interested in discovering the Susquehanna Riverlands in Columbia, PA. The Susquehanna Heritage managed center is at the site of the first permanent Susquehannock settlement in Pennsylvania. The modern facility uses interactive exhibits, movies, and programs to interpret the Susquehanna River’s ecological and cultural legacy. The facility also provides a gateway to over five miles of scenic trails along the river. Visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, and paddling while taking in breathtaking views of the river and surrounding countryside. With so many things to explore and do, the local area is the perfect place to start your journey through the Riverlands.


The locale includes powerboat and paddle craft launches, as well as a variety of historical markers and picnic areas. The land and water trails provide access to various ecosystems, including forests, meadows, wetlands, and riverfront habitats. The trails are also open to pedestrians and cyclists, making the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center a multi-use facility. In addition to providing access to the Susquehanna River, the institution is also home to various educational programs and events. These programs are designed to raise awareness about the river and its importance to the surrounding community. It became apparent early on that the river was an essential asset to the area and its people, and the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center has become a key part of preserving that heritage.


The site offers a variety of visitor amenities, such as bike rentals, a shuttle service, and a picnic pavilion. There are also public restrooms and a parking lot. Wheelchair users, cyclists, and hikers are all welcome on the trails. The paths are well-maintained and offer stunning views of the river. The shuttle service makes it easy to get around, and the bike rentals are a great way to explore the trails. Tourists can also take advantage of the many shops and restaurants in the area.


If you want a fun and enlightening experience, the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center is a terrific choice. Be sure to add a visit to the renowned facility while you are organizing your subsequent vacation.

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Wright's Ferry Mansion

The Wright’s Ferry Mansion is a historic home that is now a museum. The mansion is known for being the only Pennsylvania English Quaker house furnished exclusively in the 18th century. They built the facility in 1738, containing a magnificent collection of Columbia, Pennslyvania, furniture, metals, English ceramics, needlework, and glass, all of which were manufactured before 1750. The area is now open to the public for tours and is a popular destination for history buffs and those interested in early Americana. Visitors can learn about the home’s history and see the beautiful collection of 18th-century furnishings. It is recognized as a National Historic Landmark because it is one of the oldest buildings in Columbia that has been preserved.

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