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The Columbia Crossing River Trails Center is where exploration starts. From biking to kayaking, outdoor enthusiasts and families alike love exploring the Susquehanna Riverlands. It’s a gateway visitor education center and trailhead, with land or water trails available to runners, cyclists, and pedestrians in this beautiful area near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Located in the heart of historic Columbia, Pennsylvania, it is also an excellent place for outdoor activities like fishing and hiking. Visitors will find maps to help them plan their trip and information about local attractions, including museums with interactive exhibits on Susquehanna history. A true gem awaits you when visiting this riverfront park alongside one of our nation’s most beautiful rivers- The Susquehanna River. So take some time out for your adventures today and check out this wonderful location.

Columbia Crossing River Trails Center


If you’re looking for an outdoor experience that is challenging and scenic, take the 14-mile Northwest Lancaster County River Trail. The route begins at Columbia Crossing in Portland’s west hillsides.


The River Trails Park is a popular destination for both fishermen and families. There are powerboat launches and picnic areas with tables where you can enjoy your catch of the day or spend time together while enjoying nature’s beauty around every turn in this beautiful landscape. 


Columbia Crossing is an environmental learning center that offers visitors educational programs about rivers, dams, hydropower history, and information about current issues like river pollution. Here, you’ll find rotating exhibits featuring local artists’ work and natural science displays showcasing wildlife in its native habitat with this great river system.


The River Trails Park is open to the public and provides an excellent opportunity for visitors who desire an up close and personal look at some of Lancaster County’s natural treasures. In addition, visitors to the Susquehanna Riverlands can learn about its rich culture and heritage. 


The Columbia Crossing River Trails Center is a must-see for all Lancaster Countians and tourists visiting this city. Additionally, the center has all the amenities for all your personal needs. Restrooms are available for public use daily. They can be found on an exterior entrance, open from dawn until dusk.

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Chickies Rock County Park

Chickies Rock County Park in Lancaster is the second-largest regional park in Columbia County. The commissioners began acquiring this property in 1977, and it has since become one of their most prized possessions for residents around Lancaster, Pennsylvania to enjoy. When the American Indians wanted to name this place, they looked at abundance. They found that there were many varieties of crayfish living here, so they called it Chiquesalunga, which means “place or hither-to the crayfish.” With its numerous vistas and varied natural features, Chickies Rock County Park is a beautiful destination for visitors from all over.

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