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Columbia, Pennsylvania, is known for its rich history and fascinating present. Experience the many faces of this historic community with displays at The Columbia Historic Preservation Society museum. In addition, you’ll learn about Business & Industry; Freedom Over Slavery: The story behind their iconic bridge company (the First Bank) by Lancaster, Pennslyvania.


Columbia Historic Preservation Society Columbia, Pennsylvania, has been known for its history and commerce since 1719. You can visit the Columbia Historic Trustees’ Office to experience what life was like in this revolutionary colony before your travel back through time. Meet some farmers who made their living on farms or working with animals; see how people dressed differently depending upon status within society.

Columbia Historic Preservation Society


The Columbia Historical Society is an organization that was formed to preserve important information about town history. The society works with the local historian and strives for non-profit status, making it one of many groups trying to keep our treasured past alive. ​For more than 100 years, the Columbia County museums have been a vital community resource. The collections include important and unique genealogical materials and archives that document the history of this region’s heritage for those who come after us to enjoy.


When the United States was deciding on its new capital, one vote would determine whether it would be in Maryland or Virginia. However, there were many controversies surrounding this decision because some people did not want any buildings, and others wanted to build an almost plain full-sized city that could house millions. The story begins with New York being supportive but also having concerns about how much space they’d need if given another blotting contest like Philadelphia had done before them (or something along those lines). However, they didn’t object totally without offering up some alternative solutions.


The museum has all the information you need to know about how the town was founded, what made it thrive (and others), why they came here etc. They also have some incredible artifacts, like train displays or publications showcasing local history. Columbia Historical Preservation Society is dedicated to preserving the history of Susquehanna river town. 


If you love and have a passion for art and history, the museum has many events that will interest you. For example, they offer train shows with antique crafts for sale in addition to Music at their galleries. What better way can there be than enjoy free historical pieces right outside your door?

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Veterans Memorial Bridge

Veterans Memorial Bridge

There is nothing compared with the Columbia- Wrightsville Bridge when it comes to bridges worth a trip in a part of Lancaster. However, the historic significance can’t be denied as this bridge was once one of the longest multi-span concrete arches in history. With a span of nearly 1 mile, the Veterans Memorial Bridge is one of the record books and an icon in this country.
This bridge is an engineering marvel. With 28 arch spans, each spanning 185 feet, it’s no wonder that this iconic structure has become

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