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Eastland Alpacas, nestled in the picturesque countryside of Mount Joy, PA, offers a unique and delightful experience for visitors of all ages. This charming alpaca farm is not only a home to these gentle creatures but also an educational center where visitors can learn about alpaca care, fiber production, and sustainable farming practices.


Visitors to Eastland Alpacas can enjoy up-close interactions with the farm’s alpacas. The farm offers guided tours where guests can learn about the daily life of alpacas, their care, and the process of turning their fiber into luxurious products. The interactive nature of the tours makes them a hit with families and animal lovers.


Eastland Alpacas is committed to sustainable and humane farming practices. The farm takes pride in producing high-quality alpaca fiber, which is known for its softness, warmth, and eco-friendly properties. The on-site farm store offers a variety of alpaca products, including yarn, clothing, and accessories, all made from the fiber of their alpacas.


The farm also serves as an educational center, offering workshops and programs on alpaca care, fiber arts, and sustainable agriculture. These programs are designed to educate the public about the importance of sustainable farming and the benefits of alpaca fiber in the textile industry.


Eastland Alpacas is an active member of the Mount Joy community. The farm hosts several events throughout the year, including open houses, fiber arts workshops, and community gatherings. These events provide an opportunity for the community to engage with the farm and learn more about alpacas and sustainable farming.

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