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It’s not just any old farm; it is Field of Screams by Lancaster, PA. And if you thought those farms were scary before, then imagine how your soul might feel after visiting this place. With 75 000 people visiting per annum, this place is a definite tourist attraction for the Lancaster residents and people from all over the county.


The cornfield has been a source of entertainment since before it was even an attraction. The first ride started as something simple, with guests riding the haywagon through 20 minutes’ worth of bizarre scenes and performance art throughout their journey- including different graphics displays that will leave them screaming in terror. The Haunted Hayride from Field Of Screams is not just any old haunted house; this one’s original design included phenomenal performances by professionals who are all specialized into various types like makeup artists or customers, which adds more authenticity to what you see when walking inside these scary houses today.

Field of Screams by Lancaster, PA


The Field of Screams has four heart-stopping attractions that will take you on a terror ride through your worst nightmares. Along the way, bone-chilling screams and creatures await to cause diseased memories in all who visit this terrifying place. Each attraction offers new scenes with varying levels of fear – so there’s something for everyone at their parks.


The four attractions are each unique and offer a variety of scares. Most importantly, they’re filled with horrifying thrills that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The screams echo through this forest, so naturally, it feels like someone is right behind me as I take my first steps into these dark woods. The best way to experience Halloween is by booking all four attractions: the Haunted Hayride, Den of Darkness Horror Barn, and Frightmare Asylum. You’ll be sure not to miss out on any scares.


There are always new things happening in the Field of Screams Entertainment Area. If you buy a ticket, then FREE access to this area is included with your purchase. There will be live bands playing and competitions going on throughout each night, so make sure not to miss out by purchasing one today- remember that these events sell out quickly, so get yours before they’re gone.


The Field of Screams is an attraction that will leave you feeling shocked and amazed. Custom-built games like challenging golf courses or haunted mazes are only some examples from their extensive list; terrifying photo opportunities are available for those who want them. In addition, you can purchase great American souvenirs at our shop, including T-shirts with logos designating each state as “home” turf – perfect if your favorite team isn’t represented here (they’ve got plenty). And don’t forget about all the fabulous prizes they give away every day.

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Columbia Historic Preservation Society

Columbia Historic Preservation Society

Columbia, Pennsylvania, is known for its rich history and fascinating present. Experience the many faces of this historic community with displays at The Columbia Historic Preservation Society museum. In addition, you’ll learn about Business & Industry; Freedom Over Slavery: The story behind their iconic bridge company (the First Bank) by Lancaster, Pennslyvania.
Columbia Historic Preservation Society Columbia, Pennsylvania, has been known for its history and commerce since 1719.

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