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The Fulton Theater strives to give each production; an identity of its own. One that will make it, unlike any other show you’ve seen before. These displays can range from being new and relevant to different from what they have done in previous seasons. But no matter how well-known the play might be elsewhere (or whether there’s even anything similar), their goal here at The Fulton Theater concerns themselves with bringing top-notch quality performances right upfront. Hence, audiences get their money’s worth and an opportunity to see something new.


This theater strives for uniqueness in its plays, concerts, and other events. They believe that every event should be different from what you have seen before to hold your attention better and keep you engaged.


Situated at 12 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603-3808, The Fulton Theater is committed to providing arts and education for all. They believe that developing creativity and critical lifelong skills such as communication will help students achieve their full potential by creating these tools early with programs like the Academy.

Fulton Theater


The Fulton Theater has set out to create a fresh and unique experience. With this one venue alone, they can, through elevated production values combined with inspiring setting elements, make local theater happen at its best potential nationwide.

Also, The Fulton Theater is poised for a breakout performance and creates an experience like no other with their fresh approach and support of artistic talent. As a result, they can stage productions that will make them one step ahead in this competitive industry while attracting national attention comparable only to some of the most sophisticated theater producers around.


This theater is deeply committed to providing access to the arts regardless of ability or financial need. They make sure that no matter your income level, there’s always something enjoyable and enlightening happening at the theater.


Tours at the Fulton Theater are an intimate way to learn more about our rich history and how it influences what we do today. You’ll get a chance to see parts of this historic building that few people ever reach, including backstage.


The theater is excited to provide partnerships with schools and educators to create meaningful learning experiences, such as the school scholarship program. In addition, the fund offers many different grants that can help cover expenses like ticket costs or bus fees associated with traveling there on your own time.

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Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland

For the ultimate family staycation, Dutch Wonderland is your destination. With over 35 rides and attractions to choose from in addition to cool off areas like Duke’s Lagoon or exploration island where dinosaurs come to life.

Situated at 2249 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, PA 17602-1188, Dutch Wonderland is the best place for little ones to meet their favorite characters, have fun in an enchanted world of fantasy and make new friends. So head over this season, or bring your children so they can experience what it’s like being at a theme park without ever leaving home.

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