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2016-10-06 Auto Accidents

auto accident lawyer lancaster paIf you, or a member of your family, has been the victim of an auto accident, then this is likely to be a traumatic time for you. Apart from any physical injuries caused, there may be mental scars that will take time to heal. It is also likely that you will need the services of a lawyer. You will want to make sure the firm you choose has the right level of expertise and experience, has a proven track record, and will offer you wise and sympathetic counsel.

To help you with such a choice, here are five vital questions our potential clients often ask of us, here at Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C. in Lancaster, PA.

Does your firm have wide yet specialized experience in all types of auto accidents?

While you may have been driving a car, or have been a passenger, the accident might also involve commercial vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles or pedestrians. Our team has dealt with a wide range of different auto accidents, and can bring this breadth of knowledge to bear on your specific situation. You should also make sure that your chosen lawyer matches the key skills needed with an ongoing track record of success.

Can you provide clear evidence of how you have succeeded in previous claims?

Every case that reaches a court relies on the collection and presentation of strong evidence. Our team firmly believes that any car accident lawyer should be able to show you clear evidence of how they have already been successful in other such cases. While no two events are the same, similar and successful experience is still a strong plus point.

Can you talk me through the likely costs of my case?

Any car accident lawyer should be able to provide a clear explanation of the level of fees charged, how they are calculated, and when they will be due. For example, here at Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., we would handle your case ‘on contingency’, meaning that you don’t pay any fees until we recover compensation for your injury.

Why shouldn’t I just accept the offer an insurance company makes?

An insurance company is a profit-making business. Quick settlements usually mean that a lower sum is often paid out than should be the case. This is why it pays to talk to an experienced lawyer who can fight for your interests in this matter.

Do I feel comfortable dealing with this law firm?

You should always feel that there is a connection between you and your chosen lawyer – that they can offer a compassionate shoulder, while still being a professional when considering all the circumstances and evidence. Think of your lawyer as that special type of friend – one who always has your best interests at heart, but will still tell it to you straight.

The above questions provide some general guidance about choosing your car accident lawyer; but, of course, each case is unique. With the choice made, there is then a great deal of detail to be considered, and our team always takes the time and puts in the work needed to offer the best possible advice. You can contact us now, for a completely free initial consultation, just by calling 717-394-3004.


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