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Hurt on the Job Spotlight: Sanitation, Recycling and Garbage Workers

Garbage workers load a truck

The men and women who work in sanitation as recycling or garbage workers are essential to keeping our community in Lancaster clean and safe. Yet, their daily work exposes them to risks that can cause injury or even death. The profession is among one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States.

Top Causes of Work Injuries for Recycling and Garbage Workers

Workers in the sanitation business are at risk for a few types of injuries, including exposure to toxins, overexertion and vehicle accidents. In fact, it’s estimated that there are 37 injuries per 100,000 workers (as of 2018). 

  1. Vehicle Accidents – Many recycling and garbage workers work on or near a truck or other kind of vehicle used to collect, sort or move waste. Collectors working on a truck route often hang from the sides or rear of the trucks, jumping on and off to walk in and out of traffic. These behaviors can lead to accidents with other vehicles or with the truck they are working on, leading to serious injury or even death. 
  2. Lifting & Falls – Another hazard that comes with riding on the outside of a garbage or recycling truck is the risk of falling from it. A fall due to a sudden stop or not being properly braced on the truck could result in serious injury. Similarly, the frequent movement of lifting heavy objects or garbage cans to deposit waste into the truck can cause injuries to the back, shoulders, arms or neck. 
  3. Hazardous or Dangerous Materials – Though there are rules about what you can and can’t recycle and how you should and should not dispose of possibly harmful materials (like paint, electronic waste, etc), those rules are often not followed. This means garbage and recycling collectors may come in contact with potentially harmful material that can cause burns, infections, or respiratory damage. 
  4. Dog bites – Just like mail carriers or delivery drivers, garbage and recycling workers can be targets of suspicious, protective dogs. Dog bites can range in severity depending on the breed, circumstances and location of the bite, but they are always unpleasant.  

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for Recycling and Garbage Workers

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury in your role as a sanitation worker, you may be looking at having to miss time from work. You may also be accruing large medical bills or dealing with debilitating injuries. 

When looking for an attorney to help you with your workers’ compensation claim as a recycling or garbage worker, you want to look for someone who will treat you with respect, who has the experience to take on your claim, and who has a track record of success. 

The lawyers at Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C. are members of the Lancaster community and have a deep appreciation for all essential workers. Their deep experience in the law, understanding of the environment/streets where the injuries may have occurred, and proven history of success (over 99% of claims are successful), makes them a good choice. 

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