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Injured at Work Through Defective Industrial Equipment?

In most cases, workers’ compensation claims are straightforward and injured people have relatively few problems getting the benefits they need to make a full recovery. Accidents happen, and employers usually do a good job of taking care of their workers.

On the other hand, sometimes this process isn’t so simple. If you’ve been injured on the job due to an employer’s negligence, you may need to take additional action to protect your rights and cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages and other burdens.

Distinguishing factors of negligence

The biggest challenge with cases involving negligence is that they are tough to prove, and many industrial incidents are never recorded by supervisors. This is especially true of chemical accidents, which, according to a recent study, are so poorly tracked and recorded that the best data is only about 10 percent accurate.

While establishing these records might not seem very important, they are actually critical when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. Poor records make it more difficult to determine exactly how an injury occurred.

If you’ve been injured in an industrial accident, be sure to record any details you can surrounding the incident. This is not only for the sake of categorizing what kind of accident it is, but it also helps to support claims of negligence. And while you might have an easier time proving your case in work environments that do not come with great risks, manufacturing and agricultural work environments are known for causing injuries due to simple accidents.

Defective industrial products and other forms of neglect can result in serious injuries, so make sure you file your claim as quickly as possible. If you have trouble, we recommend contacting a workers’ compensation attorney.


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