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With so many fun things to see and do near Lancaster, there’s no shortage of entertainment for the whole family. One great thing about this place is The Science Factory- a nonprofit educational institution that provides interactive exhibits worldwide. So your kids will learn something new while having loads of messy enjoyable time playing with science demos like never before at this incredible facility right here within city limits.


How does a hands-on science center for kids from; kindergarten to the eighth grade get its name? The Lancaster Science Factory has all of that and more! It offers activities like making slime, exploring chemistry sets, building robots, or even creating their very own musical instruments. In addition, you can find out about what it takes at our STEM educator events throughout the year, where we’ll provide information on how things are made.

Lancaster Science Factory


Explore the world of science at your leisure with a visit to the Lancaster Science Factory. With interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, you’ll be able to play in new ways while learning how everything works. The Lancaster Science Factory is a hands-on, curiosity-driven environment for children. They can learn how to code or mix different chemical solutions while exploring science experiments set up right before their eyes.


We all know that sitting in a classroom and reading textbooks isn’t the most exciting thing for kids. But what if we could do something more? At The Lancaster Science Factory, everything is age-appropriate. So your child’s mind has plenty of opportunities to grow – even when it doesn’t feel like they’re doing anything.


The Science Center is at 454 New Holland Ave, Lancaster, PA, 17602, USA. The Lancaster Science Factory is a place not only for learning but also for having fun! Partake in their everyday exhibits or try one of their many classes. Your family will love exploring the science that awaits inside this exciting museum with so much to offer both kids and parents alike.


Science is all around us, from the microscopic to macro. They have something for every occasion! Celebrate your next big event at The Lancaster Science Factory. They can turn any party or meeting into an unforgettable experience with their comprehensive array of services and packages available on request. Throw a birthday party in a fun environment that stimulates creativity while teaching the importance of scientific principles. These teachings are done through playtime activities such as arts & crafts, learning about how electronics work during interactive demonstrations inside labs equipped by professional technicians to help participants gain hands-on skills using simple materials found around the home.

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North Museum of Nature and Science

North Museum of Nature and Science

The North Museum of Nature and Science, situated at 400 College Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603, USA, is the perfect Museum for kids that do not do well in boring places. It has interactive exhibits that allow them fun ways to explore science without fear, plus there’s always something new at this institution.

The best way to learn is by playing and exploring around Lancaster. The North Museum of Nature & Science has a lot for your child’s imaginative mind, with interactive exhibits that allow them not only to view but also get up close. The Museum is also an excellent place to take children. It is a fun, immersive experience that will keep them entertained for hours.

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