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The Landis Valley Museum is much more than just an exhibit hall. With interactive displays and events, they strive to ensure you get the authentic experience of visiting a museum in rural Pennsylvania during this period. Visitors can experience 18th and 19th-century village life in Lancaster County. The attraction has an extensive education program that offers workshops and field trips with special events for children or adults who want to learn new skills like trades & crafts and explore their historical roots by experiencing what it was like back then.


The Heirloom Seed Project in Landis Valley has some impressive attractions. You can rent their facilities for weddings or parties and organize your company’s meetings here.

Landis Valley Museum


The Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum is more than any old historic site. Humble as it may seem at first glance, this 100-acre living history museum located on the former rural crossroads village in a part of Lancaster, PA, has plenty to offer visitors from all around looking for an educational experience that will never be forgotten.


Planning for the Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum began with a shared interest in Pennsylvania German history. The brothers, Henry K and George L became active collectors who planned during their youth to preserve historical artifacts from this period when so many people had been forgotten or lost over time. The story began during the early 1920s when these two guys grew up near Lancaster’s Pennsylvanian hometown.


Preserving the purity of heirloom seeds is a priority for many museums, and Pennsylvania German homesteads are no exception. The museum’s staff launched an initiative in 1985 to protect these fragile resources, which were grown on small farms before 1940 when their usage began declining because people wanted hybridized varieties instead with greater yields than traditional ones could provide them. In 2019 there are three production plots (each containing six display gardens) and two hoop houses where select descendants from years ago may be replanted each new season.


This living history museum is the best place to understand how people lived in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County region when it was part of British America. You’ll learn about all these inventions developed here like Conestoga wagons and long, unique rifles only found on this side ocean. Visitors to the Landis Valley Museum can learn about the history of Conestoga Wagons, including how 18th-century gunsmiths manufactured rifle barrels. In addition, they can see a guide dressed in period costumes explaining traditions and folklore among Pennsylvania Germans who lived between 1740 – 1940.

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National Watch and Clock Museum

National Watch and Clock Museum

We take our watches and clocks for granted, but not anymore. They’re the essential timers in our lives. There’s always something telling you when it is time to work versus get lunch or pick up kids. Whether that be an alarm clock sitting on top of your dresser inboxing out emails as soon as someone signs them with their initials or maybe even just looking at this small piece of technology every day while reading The Wall Street Journal.

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