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The Manheim Historical Society was established in 1964 to preserve the cultural and architectural heritage of the town of Manheim. The locale achieves this mission by collecting local historical artifacts, conducting research, and providing educational programming. The society’s collection includes documents, books, photographs, and objects dating back to the 18th century. 


In addition to its preservation work, the institution strives to promote an understanding and appreciation of local history. They offer a variety of public programs, including walking tours, lectures, and exhibits. Through its efforts, the Manheim Historical Society plays a vital role in keeping the town’s history alive.


Visitors to the setting can get a glimpse of the past while learning about the present. The property is in downtown Manheim, Pennsylvania, a short distance from Lancaster. The town of Manheim is rich in history and culture, and the historical society offers a great way to learn about its heritage. This place is headquartered in the Keath House, a Victorian-style home. The Keath House also houses a museum with exhibits on the borough’s history, including a restored railroad station and a trolley car. 


The society also owns and operates the Stiegel Glassworks, a National Historic Landmark that was at one time among the most productive and successful glass producers in the world. Visitors to the glassworks can tour the historic property and see glassmaking demonstrations. The Howard Street Clock, another of the society’s properties, is an iconic landmark downtown.


Moreover, there are a variety of programs and services for the public, including group tours, field trips, and educational programs for children and adults. The location also operates a museum and research library, which are open to the public by appointment. Additionally, the area sponsors several events throughout the year, including an annual Heritage Day celebration. The management is committed to sharing the rich history of Manheim with its members and the community. 


Tourists can also explore the museum’s exhibits, which feature a variety of items from the borough’s past, including a working replica of a blacksmith shop and a display of vintage farm equipment.


Therefore, the Manheim Historical Society is an excellent choice to consider if you want to learn more about the past of Manheim, Pennsylvania.

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The Fasig House

The Fasig House is a museum part of the Manheim Historical Society. This establishment is a replica of a German open pen home, and it is situated nearby to The Keath House and the Manheim Borough Office. The locale collects various artifacts from the late 1700s to the late 1800s from the life, work, and culture of early German settlers in Manheim. These artifacts help to tell the story of the early German settlers and how they lived, worked, and survived in this new land. 

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