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We take our watches and clocks for granted, but not anymore. They’re the essential timers in our lives. They are always there telling us when it is time to work, to get lunch, or to pick up our kids. And they come in different forms- whether it be an alarm clock sitting on top of your dresser or the clock on our phones, fit bits, or tablets- they are always with us.


When you think of old timepieces, what comes to mind? If you said clocks and watches throughout history from every nation for generations, then the National Watch & Clock Museum around Lancaster, PA, might be your perfect destination. The museum is home to twelve thousand different types, including some broken pieces dating back to 1000 BC. Curious about how these remarkable devices work or want to see what’s inside those pretty faces before buying one yourself? This museum has something everyone will appreciate and be thankful they visited at least once in their lifetime.

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The National Watch & Clock Museum opened to the public in 1977 with fewer than 1,000 items. Today, it’s recognized as one of North America’s largest and most comprehensive horological collections– home to unique artifacts and extensive educational resources that help visitors learn about clocks from all points in history.


The extensive collection at the National Watch & Clock Museum ranges from pocket watches to elegant, vintage timepieces. You’ll find just about everything clock-related in this one-of-a-kind museum. The permanent collection at The Clock Museum is so extensive that it’s impossible to see all the items in one trip. You’ll find antique clocks and watches dating back centuries ago, from America, England, and Japan. And for even more– there are pieces from Germany, France, and Russia – this museum is worthy of a visit and one of the many reasons we love Lancaster County.

The exhibits at this museum are a time traveler’s dream come true. From early non-mechanical devices and clockwork engines to today’s atomic clocks controlled by radio waves or laser light – you’ll see it all in historical order timelines that span centuries.


You will be taken back to the time of Stonehenge and water clocks, where clockmaking first got its start. From there, you begin your journey through a millennia-long history. Keep moving–as time will not be on your side. There’s so much to see at this Lancaster, PA, museum.

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Turkey Hill Experience

Turkey Hill’s The Turkey Hill Experience is a must-see for anyone who loves dairy culture and ice cream. You’ll learn about the company’s history of selecting its flavors in an interactive exhibit that allows you to create your masterpiece from scratch with just one ingredient – yourself. You will have a chance to experience what it’s like being an ice cream maker for Turkey Hill Dairy, including the opportunity to create your virtual flavor. In addition, you can have a feel of sitting in their vintage milk truck and drinking some free samples of iced tea or enjoying some tasty homemade frozen treats.

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