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New Holland Pool, a popular community swimming facility located in New Holland, PA, offers a refreshing and enjoyable experience for residents and visitors. Known for its well-maintained pools and family-friendly environment, this aquatic center is a summer favorite for those looking to beat the heat and enjoy water-based activities.


New Holland Pool features a range of swimming facilities suitable for all ages and skill levels. The main pool is ideal for recreational swimming, while a separate kiddie pool caters to younger children. The facility also includes diving boards and water slides, adding to the fun and excitement for swimmers.


Safety is a top priority at New Holland Pool. The facility is staffed with trained lifeguards who ensure a safe swimming environment for all guests. Regular safety checks and maintenance of the pool and its equipment are conducted to uphold the highest standards of safety and cleanliness.


The pool offers swimming lessons for various age groups and skill levels, taught by experienced instructors. These lessons are designed to promote water safety, swimming skills, and confidence in the water. Additionally, the pool hosts aquatic fitness programs and swim teams, providing opportunities for exercise and competitive swimming.


New Holland Pool serves as a community hub, hosting various events and activities throughout the swimming season. From family swim nights to pool parties and community gatherings, the pool is a center for social interaction and community engagement in New Holland.

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