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The North Museum of Nature and Science, situated at 400 College Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603, USA, is the perfect Museum for kids that could do better in boring places. It has interactive exhibits that allow them fun ways to explore science without fear, plus there’s always something new at this institution.


The best way to learn is by playing and exploring Lancaster. The North Museum of Nature & Science has a lot for your child’s imaginative mind, with interactive exhibits that allow them to view and get up close. The Museum is also an excellent place to take children. It is a fun, immersive experience that will keep them entertained for hours.


The North Museum of Nature & Science is where science comes to life. There are live animal rooms with toads, tarantulas, and other fascinating creatures that would make you jump out of your skin if they were real. There are also fossil collections featuring some old skull bones from dinosaur time. Just outside the building in preparation for our next field trip back there – we hope this will be another educational opportunity for learning about paleontology.

North Museum of Nature and Science


The North Museum is a one-of-a-kind that houses some rare plants. In addition, the planetarium has an overhead projection dome which functions as the perfect venue for cosmic shows.


Also, this nature and science museum is an excellent place for anyone who loves space or needs peace. They have exhibitions on Earth’s natural history, with plenty to see even if you don’t subscribe completely, by way of belief – go ahead and attend anyway.


Exciting new exhibits await at the North Museum of Nature and Science. Discover what makes this Museum so unique, including a vast collection that will make your six-year-old fossil lover roar with joy.


The staff are always excited about showing off their proudly displayed discoveries from all over PA – there’s something for everyone here; find out more on our website or call today.


The Museum has a monthly schedule packed with fun events – designed to educate and inspire children. The whole family can enjoy planetarium shows, various science-related workshops, and animal exhibits. There is something for everyone at this Museum.


They have free planetarium shows and special exhibits on their interesting subjects like ancient cultures or space exploration- not to mention all sorts of animals you can see up close. With member perks, including early notice about upcoming events and advance access for members only (including some never before exhibited treasures). There’s no reason why anyone should miss out on this exciting Museum.

north museum nature science Photo Gallery

Old Mill Stream Campground

Old Mill Stream Campground

The Old Mill Stream Campground is a great place to take in nature and relax, with plenty of space for everyone. Dutch Wonderland owns it. The amusement park we revealed earlier as one of the best attractions around. Dutch Wonderland is known for its innovative attractions, and the Old Mill Stream Campground offers guests a chance to experience nature while having fun.

This camper’s paradise has it all! The Old Mill Stream Campground is more than just your average campground. Not only does this location offer you the chance to enjoy some peace, but there are also plenty of activities nearby, like hiking trails that lead up into the woods or fishing.

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