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The Old Mill Stream Campground is a great place to take in nature and relax, with plenty of space for everyone. Dutch Wonderland owns the amusement park we revealed earlier as one of the best attractions. Dutch Wonderland is known for its innovative attractions, and the Old Mill Stream Campground offers guests a chance to experience nature while having fun.


This camper’s paradise has it all! The Old Mill Stream Campground is more than just your average campground. Not only does this location offer you the chance to enjoy some peace, but there are also plenty of activities nearby, like hiking trails that lead up into the woods or fishing.


The spots along stream beds have views toward the surrounding mountainsides. If nature isn’t enough, take a look around. You can find everything here, from rustic cabins perfect for families on vacation all year long right through tented homes which open fully onto their yards, so they feel even closer neighborly while still having privacy whenever desired.

Old Mill Stream Campground


The Old Mill Stream Campground is a perfect destination for those looking to enjoy the natural beauty near Lancaster, PA, without any city noises ruining it. With scenic views and plenty of shade trees, this campground will make your stay around Lancaster, PA, even more enjoyable. Shed tree groves and babbling brooks scattered across its natural beauty – an ideal spot for relaxation in today’s fast-paced world.


Situated at 2249 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, PA 17602, USA, The Old Mill Stream Campground provides a comfortable place for those who want peace. The restrooms are clean, and the wifi has never been faster (or more reliable). There’s an arcade with games your kids will love playing while you get work done outside of their little minds; all this plus our famous country store, so essential items don’t need to go far. Their campground has plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable, including a restroom and laundromat. For those essentials that the store doesn’t have available all day, there’s an internet café on site where people can use their laptops or tablets for free while waiting out traffic jams.


What’s more authentic than a campsite near the Old Mill Stream? You will feel in touch with nature and still have access to amenities like electricity, running water (iced tea available), flushable toilets, and free wifi.

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Amish Farm and House

Amish Farm and House

The Amish Farm and House is an attraction established in 1955 to educate the public about life in Lancaster County, PA. The farm has been welcoming guests since 1955 with its fascinating story of how it was once a remote farming community. The Amish Farm and House became known around America for their distinct way of living while creating memories they will never forget.

Get ready for a fun day of exploring the Amish farm and countryside. You’ll start with some history about these humble people, then take an educational guided tour through their homes. Don’t miss out: be sure not to forget all those great photo opportunities that await outside your bus window as well when it’s time to return home at nightfall – or stay around if you’re feeling adventurous.

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