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Park City Center, the biggest enclosed shopping center in Lancaster County, is a retail haven in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This mall is located at the intersection of Harrisburg Pike and U.S. Route 30, making it easily accessible for anyone in the area. With over 170 stores, Park City Center boasts a vast collection of retailers offering everything from clothing to electronics and beyond.


Visitors to Park City Center can enjoy a wide range of stores, including anchor stores such as Kohl’s, JCPenney, and Boscov’s, as well as Round 1 Entertainment for those looking for something more fun. Unfortunately, one of the anchor stores, The Bon-Ton, is currently vacant.


Park City Center is an ideal shopping destination for anyone in the Lancaster area. Whether you are looking for something specific or simply enjoy browsing a wide range of stores, this mall has something for everyone. With over 170 stores to explore, there is never a shortage of options for shoppers.


It is worth noting that Park City Center is currently the 4th largest shopping mall in the state of Pennsylvania. As such, it is a significant retail hub for the region and draws in visitors from across the area.


Opened in 1971, Park City Center is a unique and iconic shopping mall with structures that resemble a snowflake with eight corridors extending from the center, and the roof at the center of this magnificent mall is a large white tent enclosing the octagonal Center Court.


During its early years, Park City Center was also known as the “Mall of Four Seasons” as result of the seasonal names given to the four corridors leading to each anchor store.


In 2008, Park City Center underwent a major renovation that took 18 months and included updates to every part of the mall. Today, it is a major shopping destination for people in the south-central Pennsylvania area, offering a vast collection of over 170 newly renovated stores, most of which are not available at the nearby Berkshire Mall and York Galleria.


Whether you are seeking clothing, electronics, or other items, Park City Center has something for everyone. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a great shopping experience with family and friends.


The shopping experience at the mall is second to none, with over 150 retailers and restaurants on offer. Visitors can enjoy seasonal events and a wide range of shopping options.


One of the highlights of the mall is the center court area, where shoppers can indulge in treats like cupcakes, soft pretzels, and Dots. The food, service, and prices are all fantastic, making it an ideal spot for a quick snack or a more substantial meal.


Downstairs, the food court is also a great option for those looking for a bite to eat. It’s an excellent place for people to take a break from their shopping and enjoy a delicious meal. The mall’s size also makes it perfect for walking and getting some exercise while browsing the stores.


Overall, the shopping experience at this spacious shopping complex is excellent, with a fantastic range of options for food, shopping, and leisure. Whether you’re eyeing a quick bite to eat or want to spend the day shopping, the mall has something for everyone.


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