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The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, located in Strasburg, PA, stands as a testament to the rich history of railroading in the United States. This museum offers a comprehensive look at the evolution of rail transport, featuring an impressive collection of locomotives, rolling stock, and railroad artifacts.


The museum’s collection includes over a hundred historic locomotives and railroad cars, showcasing the development of rail technology from the early 19th century to the present. Each exhibit is meticulously preserved, offering visitors a chance to experience the grandeur and engineering marvels of these rail giants.


The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is not only about showcasing historic trains; it also provides educational exhibits that delve into the history, culture, and impact of railroads.


Interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and hands-on activities make the museum experience both informative and engaging for visitors of all ages.


The museum hosts a variety of special events and programs throughout the year, including train-themed workshops, educational seminars, and family-friendly activities. These events provide an opportunity for deeper exploration of railroad history and its significance in American culture.


Visitors to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania can enjoy a well-rounded experience with amenities such as guided tours, a museum store, and a research library. The museum’s layout and facilities are designed to provide an immersive and comfortable visit for railroad enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

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Choo Choo Barn

Choo Choo Barn, located in the charming town of Strasburg, PA, is an extraordinary attraction that captivates visitors of all ages with its intricate and animated miniature train exhibit. This family-owned and operated attraction has been delighting guests for decades with its detailed model train layouts that depict various scenes and landscapes.

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