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Riehl’s Quilts and Crafts, located in the heart of Leola, PA, is a treasure trove of handmade quilts, crafts, and local artisanal products. This charming shop epitomizes the region’s rich tradition in quilting and craftsmanship, attracting visitors who seek authentic, high-quality handmade items.


Riehl’s Quilts and Crafts is renowned for its exquisite selection of handmade quilts. Each quilt is a work of art, showcasing the skill, precision, and creativity of local artisans. The shop offers a variety of styles and designs, from traditional patterns to contemporary creations, each piece reflecting the unique heritage and talent of the Amish and Mennonite communities.


Beyond quilts, the shop features an array of handcrafted items, including wall hangings, table runners, placemats, and home decor. These products are made using traditional techniques passed down through generations, ensuring each item is unique and of the highest quality.


Visiting Riehl’s Quilts and Crafts offers more than just a shopping experience; it’s a journey into the heart of Pennsylvania’s cultural heritage. The shop provides a glimpse into the lifestyle and traditions of the local Amish and Mennonite communities, making it a must-visit destination for those interested in understanding and appreciating this rich cultural tapestry.


The staff at Riehl’s Quilts and Crafts are not only knowledgeable about their products but also passionate about their craft. They offer personalized service, guiding visitors through the selection process and providing insights into the art of quilting and crafting. This level of expertise and customer service enhances the overall experience for visitors.

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Julia Swartz Art Gallery, located in the quaint town of Leola, PA, is a vibrant showcase of the artistic talent of Julia Swartz, a renowned local artist. This gallery is a celebration of art and creativity, featuring a wide range of Swartz’s works, from stunning landscapes to captivating still-life paintings.

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