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The Seiverling Antique Car & Pedal Car Museum has among the most extensive toy pedal car collections in Eastern Ephrata, Pennsylvania. The toy pedal cars are on display for your viewing pleasure with a wide range that dates back as far as 100 years.


If you are seeking an antique car or pedal kart with your favorite childhood memories, the Seiverling Antique Car and Pedal Car Museum is the place to go. They harbor the most extensive collections in Eastern Pennsylvania.


Visiting the Seiverling Museum, LLC Car and Pedal Car Museum, is a unique and exciting way to spend an afternoon. If you love cars, this little museum has what may be the largest collection of toy pedal-crafted automobiles in North America. There are 140 different models from all over Europe as well – including Russia, Canada & America which makes for excellent viewing if those countries are favorites among tourists visiting our shores or native sons’ proud homes.


There are also fire trucks and pedal boats for your viewing pleasure. Of course, you will want to see all of these great exhibits they have on display – it’s an incredible experience just being in this building full-time or even walking around inside while looking at some cars up close from different eras.


This private museum in Pennsylvania houses an eclectic collection of pedal cars and teddy bears as drivers for each one. The family-owned business was established by Richard and Ethel Seiverling in 1991, who later created cute bears for each vehicle to keep them company on their journey through life. The unique experience requires you to book ahead and can only be accessed by appointment – but it’s worth the trip.


The Seiverling Museum, LLC Car & Pedal Car Museum is a place for transportation enthusiasts to enjoy everything from pedal vehicles and fire engines to tractor-trailers or jets. In addition, visitors will find teddy bear drivers in honor of Richard’s late wife, Ethell – who loved both cars and bears. This fun-filled establishment also houses a unique Ford T5 (a Mustang).


The Seiverling Museum is the perfect location to take your family on an enjoyable history lesson. The museum also has two car exhibits, one of which features a Sedan and a Cabriolet from the 1930s undergoing extensive restoration work.


Address: 66 Lancaster Ave, Ephrata, PA.

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The Ephrata Cloister, an alias Ephrata Community, was a religious community formed in 1732 in Ephrata, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The community was established by a group of German-speaking immigrants seeking religious freedom in the New World. The Ephrata Cloister was known for its simple lifestyle and dedication to scholarly pursuits. The community was home to several well-known writers and musicians. In addition, it operated one of the largest printing presses in colonial America.

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