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Shank’s Tavern, a historic and cherished establishment in Marietta, PA, offers a unique blend of traditional hospitality and local cuisine. As one of the oldest taverns in the area, it provides visitors with an authentic taste of the region’s culinary heritage and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.


Shank’s Tavern has been a local favorite for generations, known for its rich history and charming ambiance. The tavern’s interior, with its rustic decor and historical memorabilia, transports guests back in time, offering a dining experience steeped in tradition and nostalgia.


The tavern prides itself on serving a menu of local and seasonal dishes, crafted from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. From classic comfort foods to contemporary culinary creations, Shank’s Tavern showcases the best of regional flavors and culinary craftsmanship.


Shank’s Tavern is more than just a place to eat; it’s a community hub where locals and visitors alike come to socialize, relax, and enjoy live entertainment. The tavern regularly hosts music nights, special events, and community gatherings, adding to its vibrant and friendly atmosphere.


In addition to its food menu, Shank’s Tavern offers a selection of craft beers and artisanal spirits. The tavern’s bar features local brews and handcrafted cocktails, providing the perfect accompaniment to any meal or a relaxing evening out.

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Old Town Hall Museum

Old Town Hall Museum, located in the historic heart of Marietta, PA, stands as a testament to the rich history and heritage of the area. This museum, housed in a beautifully preserved 19th-century building, offers visitors a journey through time, showcasing artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of Marietta and its significance in regional history.

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