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It happens all the time: a parking lot or sidewalk has not been properly cleaned of snow and ice, and someone slips and falls as a result. Sometimes slip and fall accidents are not a big deal, while other times they can cause serious injury, warranting legal action.

lancaster pa slip and fall attorneyIf you fall at home, that is considered your property and responsibility, in most cases. If you fall on government property, such as a public park or in front of a government building, you must file a claim with the city, state or federal government entity which owns/maintains it, usually within a short time frame and with other limitations. However, if you slip and fall on private property, it could be the responsibility of the business or person who owns it, entitling you to compensation for the accident. This compensation is usually for any medical care you received, lost wages due to injury, and compensation for pain, suffering and loss of life’s enjoyment.

If you do slip, fall and injure yourself on snow or ice, the first thing you should do is document it. Take pictures and video of the area where you fell, so that it is clear how much ice and snow was not cleaned away. You will need to present evidence that the snow and ice was the reason you fell. If anyone was around at the time – especially people that you do not know personally – get their information. If you bring a claim as a result of your injuries, they can give an independent account of what happened and verify your story. If you sustain injuries from a fall (which is likely the reason you would decide to pursue legal action), you should also keep records of whatever medical treatment you receive and those expenses. If you believe that the property owner may be at fault for your accident, reach out to a slip and fall accident attorney or personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

A big mistake people make in slip and fall cases is to not follow the steps mentioned above. If you do not find out exactly what made you fall, document it well, and report it to the business or property owner, it will be very difficult to make your case to the insurance company. Many victims of slip and fall cases also do not report the incident immediately, which can make it difficult to pursue a claim. Though you may be embarrassed when you fall, if practicable, it is important to stay at the scene, document the area and report the accident to the person who owns the property. If you do not, they could simply argue that the accident did not happen on their property, as they had no knowledge of it.

Of course, the biggest mistake people make in slip and fall accidents is that they do not seek legal counsel. We, at Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., can give you valuable advice and help you get the compensation you deserve.


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