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Strasburg Rail Road, located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country in Strasburg, PA, is not only a significant historical landmark but also a delightful attraction for visitors of all ages. Known as America’s oldest operating railroad, Strasburg Rail Road offers a unique journey through the beautiful Lancaster County countryside aboard authentically restored steam trains.


The Strasburg Rail Road provides an opportunity to experience the golden age of railroading. The meticulously restored steam locomotives and vintage passenger cars take visitors on a scenic 45-minute round-trip journey from Strasburg to Paradise, PA, and back. The ride offers stunning views of the unspoiled countryside, Amish farms, and traditional landscapes.


Each train ride is not only a journey through scenic vistas but also an educational experience. Passengers learn about the history of railroading, the operation of steam locomotives, and the cultural significance of trains in America. Special themed rides, including holiday events, murder mystery trains, and dinner trains, add to the diverse offerings of the railroad.


Strasburg Rail Road is a family-friendly attraction, with various activities for children and families. The railroad features a miniature steam train, a playground, and the opportunity to explore the train station and rail yard. These interactive experiences make it a perfect destination for a family day out.


Adjacent to the Strasburg Rail Road is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, housing one of the most significant collections of historic railroad artifacts in the world. Visitors can extend their experience by exploring the museum. Additionally, the Strasburg Rail Road gift shop offers a variety of train-themed souvenirs and merchandise.

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Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, located in Strasburg, PA, stands as a testament to the rich history of railroading in the United States. This museum offers a comprehensive look at the evolution of rail transport, featuring an impressive collection of locomotives, rolling stock, and railroad artifacts

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