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The Amish Village in Strasburg, PA, offers visitors an authentic and insightful look into the Amish lifestyle. Set in a picturesque rural setting, this village provides a unique opportunity to explore the traditions, culture, and daily life of the Amish community in Lancaster County.


The centerpiece of The Amish Village is an authentic Amish farmhouse, where guided tours provide a glimpse into the Amish way of life. Visitors can explore various buildings in the village, including a one-room schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, and barn, each offering a different perspective on Amish culture.


The Amish Village is dedicated to educating visitors about the Amish community. Through informative tours and displays, guests can learn about the history, beliefs, and customs of the Amish. The village also showcases traditional Amish crafts and farming techniques, providing a deeper understanding of this unique culture.


Visitors to The Amish Village can engage in various interactive activities and demonstrations. These experiences include witnessing traditional crafts, such as quilting and woodworking, and participating in seasonal farming activities, offering a hands-on understanding of Amish life.


In addition to the village tour, The Amish Village offers guided bus tours through the scenic Amish countryside. These tours provide an opportunity to see Amish farms, one-room schoolhouses, and local businesses, further enriching the visitor experience.

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Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, located in the picturesque countryside of Strasburg, PA, is a unique and engaging destination that combines fun, family, and farming. Known for its innovative and interactive agricultural experiences, this farm offers a wide range of activities that appeal to visitors of all ages, making it an ideal location for a family day out.

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