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The First National Bank Museum is a historical museum that is the only known bank in America. It was chartered in 1864 and occupied the two front corner rooms of a beautiful home built for a wealthy merchant. The museum has a collection of artifacts that tell the story of the bank and its essential role in American history. The facility also has a research library that contains a wealth of information about the bank and its customers. In addition, it has a great collection of artifacts, including an original teller window from the first bank in America. The area also has interactive exhibits, including a replica of an old-fashioned bank vault. Visitors can learn about the bank’s origins, early growth and expansion, and eventual decline during the Great Depression. Guests can also see how the bank operated during its early years and how it changed over time to meet the needs of its customers.


The institution is a fascinating look at a critical piece of American history, and it is well worth a visit for anyone interested in learning more about our country’s past. The museum offers a variety of guided tours, educational programs, and classes. The academic courses and programs thoroughly examine the development of banking and the significance of the resource to the history of the state. Visitors can also explore the charming shops, taverns, artist studios, and galleries that line the district’s streets in the Columbia area


Furthermore, the site is in the oldest surviving bank building in the country, and it offers a unique look at the evolution of banking from the early days of the republic to the present. The establishment is fully handicap accessible and has a unisex bathroom for visitors. They also accept credit cards, so you can quickly pay for your admission. If you’re coming by car, free street parking is available, or you can park for free at the motorcoach lot one block away.


Therefore, the First National Bank Museum is an excellent place to learn about our country’s financial history and the role that banks have played in its development. This is the spot for you if you’re seeking an entertaining and educational way to pass the day.

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Chickies Rock Park

Chickies Rock is a park located in the Columbia, PA, area. The park features a large outcropping of quartzite rock and remnants of old industrial structures. The rock outcropping is situated 100 feet above the Susquehanna River and provides stunning views of the river and the surrounding countryside. The area also includes a collection of historical treasures, such as an old grist mill and a covered bridge. In addition, visitors can explore the remains of an old iron furnace and an abandoned coal mine. It is a popular destination for different recreational activities, especially for adults. The locale is also a popular spot for rock climbing and is home to several climbers’ clubs.

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