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Turkey Hill’s The Turkey Hill Experience is a must-see for anyone who loves dairy culture and ice cream. You’ll learn about the company’s history of selecting its flavors in an interactive exhibit that allows you to create your masterpiece from scratch with just one ingredient – yourself. You will have a chance to experience what it’s like being an ice cream maker for Turkey Hill Dairy, including the opportunity to create your virtual flavor. While there, hop in a vintage milk truck, milk a cow, and drink free samples of iced tea or homemade frozen treats.


Western Lancaster County is a beautiful area with many exciting stories to tell, and you will hear many of those stories here. From the Susquehanna River Valley’s rich history to discovering how we have impacted farming throughout time, there is much to learn– and it’s through fun, hands-on experiences! Turkey Hill Dairy remains an iconic landmark from its early days of settling in this crucial corner of Pennsylvania to today. Just a few miles outside of town are plenty more distractions waiting for those who take their vacations seriously. A farming village known locally as “The Heart of PA Dutch Country” offers tourists access to old-world cultures and Lancaster County culture today–along with plenty of modern amenities like restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping malls. Other nearby ventures allow enthusiasts to learn about trains and farming in Lancaster, PA.

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Give your taste buds a world-class vacation by exploring the many tea flavors in one place. Imagine an expert guide leading you through different regions, teaching you about the origins and unique aromas. You’ll learn how to identify what type best suits each flavor profile while learning more general information on beverages, like caffeine levels or health benefits.


Learn how ice cream is made through interactive exhibits showing you the whole milk and cream delivery process through freezing. You can even design your flavors by choosing ingredients for a perfect batch of homemade goodness that keeps anyone cool on hot summer days or nights.


Take your virtual ice cream experience to the next level by bringing it into Turkey Hill’s Taste Lab. You’ll get a chance to learn about flavors, textures, and temperatures in an interactive setting that is limited only to what you create. Reservations are required for this unique opportunity- call now before they’re booked. And….have fun!

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Columbia Crossing River Trails Center in Lancaster, PA

The Columbia Crossing River Trails Center is where you can find all of your needs for exploring the Susquehanna Riverlands. It’s a gateway visitor education center and
trailhead, with land or water trails available to runners, cyclists, and pedestrians in this beautiful area near Lancaster, Pennslyvania.

Located in the heart of historic Columbia, Pennsylvania is an excellent place for outdoor activities like fishing and hiking. Visitors will find maps to help them plan their trip and information about local attractions, including museums with interactive exhibits on Susquehanna history.

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