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Top 4 Things to be Honest About with Your Injury Attorney

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When you look to hire an attorney to help you with a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, finding someone who is trustworthy should be a high priority. If you want to be successful in your claim, that trust needs to work both ways.

Even a top injury attorney can get tripped up when or if surprising information comes out during the course of a claim. That is why it is vital for injury victims to be clear and transparent with their attorneys – and why it’s important to hire someone that you feel comfortable with so that you can entrust them with the information they need to fight for you.

Here are the top 4 things that clients need to be honest about in order for their injury lawyer to be successful: 


1. When, Where and How the Injury Occurred


Establishing when your injury occurred and where (on public or private property, at your place of work, etc.) is foundational information for any injury attorney filing a claim. 

The “when” is important as it relates to the statute of limitations and how far after an injury occurs a claim can be filed. There are different best practices for filing a personal injury or a workers’ compensation claim. In most cases, the more immediate the case is brought forward the better, but either way, your injury attorney needs a clear picture of when the injury happened.

The “where” is equally as important, especially when establishing who is liable for the injury. In the case of workers’ compensation, it’s important to note if an injury occurred while on the premises of your job or while in pursuit of job-related functions. Otherwise, your claim may be a personal injury case and not a workers’ compensation case. In a case unrelated to work, it’s important for your injury lawyer to note if the incident happened on public or private property. 


2. When and How the Injury was Reported


At Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., we always encourage people to report or make known an injury that may turn into a claim as soon as possible. If it is a workers’ compensation case, that means notifying your supervisor or employer. It’s important to go through the proper channels for reporting, which can vary depending on your place of work. Try to keep a record or copies of any notification that you provide. Timely reporting is essential to the success of a workers’ compensation claim and your injury lawyer will want to establish that notice was carried out.


3. Medical Diagnosis: What the Doctor Says About the Injury


In most cases, your injury attorney will be given access to your medical records so that they can see what diagnosis you are given as a result of your injury or accident. However, if it’s the case that you sought medical treatment prior to hiring an attorney or for some reason that is not evident to your lawyer from those records, it’s important that you share that information honestly. The crux of your case may rely on what the doctor is saying caused your injury or its severity. Your injury attorney will not reveal your medical information to anyone that is not connected to the case and will always keep your confidentiality as part of the attorney-client privilege.. 


4. Pre-existing Conditions or Relevant Old Injuries


Similarly, it’s important to share in confidence any information about pre-existing conditions or old injuries that are relevant to the claim. This does not mean that pre-existing conditions or old injuries are reasons not to pursue the claim or reasons that you would not be successful. On the contrary, your injury attorney just needs to have a clear and honest picture of your health so that they can make the proper argument(s) in court. 

Hiring an Injury Attorney You Can Trust

It’s easy to be honest with your attorney when you hire someone you can trust. At Georgelis, Larsen & Sabatino Injury Law Firm, P.C., we are members of the Lancaster community and longtime advocates for victims of injury and accidents. We work hard to earn the trust of our clients and to serve them with compassion, vigor and loyalty. 

We believe hiring an attorney you can trust can be simple. Here’s what to look for:

  • Relevant Experience – make sure to hire an injury lawyer who is experienced in the type of case that you are pursuing.
  • Testimonials and accolades – look for an injury lawyer who is highly regarded by clients and has received recognition for their work
  • Connection to the community – it’s always easier to trust someone who is part of, and who is clearly invested in, the community. 

Call 1-800-HURT-NOW for a free consultation with a trustworthy injury attorney today.

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