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The Top Five Most Dangerous Jobs In Pennsylvania

There are a number of jobs out there that pose some risk to life and limb, but a few of them put workers in danger on a daily basis. In Pennsylvania, there are five jobs that are the most dangerous and are responsible for causing the most work injuries. Does your vocation make the list?

1. Public administration

While this profession may sound benign, public administration tops the list with 35.7 injuries per 1,000 workers. This is because the category of public administration includes firefighters, police officers and other first-responders. These heroes put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis, and, as a result, they are exposed to the highest probability of injury on the job.

2. Agriculture

Crop production and animal production presents dangerous challenges, and agriculture is the second most dangerous job in Pennsylvania with 34.7 injuries per 1,000 workers. Both natural and man-made elements can be factors in injury or death, including chemicals, heat and heavy machinery.

3. Construction

Construction is the third most dangerous profession, with 34.0 injuries per 1,000 workers. These workers include roofers, concrete laborers and general contractors. Hazards like falling from great heights and being struck by objects are some of the common construction hazards that can cause injury or death. With this physically-intensive work, neck and low back injuries are extremely common, as workers typically spend their days bending, twisting, kneeling, lifting and pushing and pulling heavy equipment and/or machinery.

4. Mining

Going underground is inherently dangerous in and of itself; but, mining brings additional risk that causes injury to 28.0 per 1,000 workers. Miners are subject to injuries from their tools of the trade, as well as cave-ins, explosions and electrocution.

5. Manufacturing

The fourth most dangerous job in Pennsylvania is manufacturing, causing 24.7 injuries per 1,000 workers. While manufacturing, assembling and completing products, workers need to stay on their toes to avoid injury. Assembly line workers have the highest number of amputations in Pennsylvania due to their work with heavy machinery.

Additionally, neck, shoulder and back injuries are quite common in manufacturing jobs, given the amount of movement and lifting required for these workers.

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