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Unrestrained Pets Pose Driving Risk

unrestrained-pet-accidentsWhen driving with an unrestrained pet, accidents and injuries in Lancaster, PA can be more common, because the driver is distracted. Like other common distractions, such as cell phone use or any activity that takes your attention away from the road, unrestrained dogs and cats increase your likelihood of having a traffic accident. If you are the cause of an accident, you may be held liable for property damages, personal bodily injuries and even vehicular death. Don’t let your pet be the cause of a traffic accident—be sure they are properly restrained by:

  • Not allowing them to ride in your lap
  • Not allowing them to ride in the front seat
  • Using a crate or sturdy pet carrier that is secured so it does not fly forward if you have to stop suddenly
  • Utilizing a pet seatbelt harness for dogs, which you place on your pet and secure by attaching to existing seatbelts
  • Placing your pet in the middle of the back seat for optimal safety
  • Installing a pet barrier to keep your pet in the back seat and prevent them from climbing up front
  • Keeping the windows rolled up high enough so that pets cannot squeeze through while the vehicle is moving

Currently, there is not a federal law requiring pets to be restrained; however, some states have enacted laws concerning pets and distracted driving. Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine and New Jersey have distracted-driving laws that include pets, and Rhode Island is proposing similar unrestrained pet measures. Pennsylvania does not currently have a state law directly regarding unrestrained pets while driving, but the emergence of such laws within other states could prompt Pennsylvania and other states to follow suit.

Properly restraining your pet, including service animals, does not just cut down on distractions, it is also safer for your pet and your passengers. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, nearly 1,500 people die in motor vehicle crashes each year. One way you can avoid potential life-threatening behavior is by eliminating the distraction of an unrestrained pet. If you love taking your furry friends along for the ride, make sure everyone is kept safe in the process.

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