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There is nothing compared to the Veterans Memorial Bridge when it comes to bridges worth a trip in a part of Lancaster. However, the historic significance can’t be denied as this bridge was once one of the longest multi-span concrete arches in history. With a span of nearly 1 mile, the Veterans Memorial Bridge is one of the record books and an icon in this country.


This bridge is an engineering marvel. With 28 arch spans, each spanning 185 feet, it’s no wonder that this iconic structure has become one of the most famous and photographed bridges in all of Pennsylvania. In addition to its jaw-dropping length and impressive appearance, a 20 approach span (mostly curved t-beam) makes up over a mile-long entire construction project in Lancaster. The 48-foot expansive deck contains 38 ft roadways making sure drivers stay safe while traveling across any weather conditions with ease.

Veterans Memorial Bridge


The bridge is so big that it has an area of eight acres. It’s also significant for developing new techniques in construction since this was done quickly and affordably. The historic Veterans Memorial Bridge is a bridge that has been around since 1891, and it’s still used today for US 30 traffic. The sixth generation of this crossing carries passengers just north from their hometown. At the same time, another significant amount goes through on local roads between Wrightsville Beach (a small community located near New Bern) towards Columbia city limits.


Anyone can tell that a lot of time and effort went into designing the decoration on this bridge. The arches are all different and look like gold for electrical access panels or light fixtures, among other things that seem more than just decorative in appearance – they feel substantial enough to be functional too. The bridge is an excellent example of what can be accomplished when an architecturally-sound design meets with beautiful construction. The curved benches sit right at the end and provide comfort for those who want to relax while looking over the water or just spending time on this picturesque spot.


The historical significance of this bridge is evident not only in its appearance but also in how few alterations have been made over time. Even though it handles a lot more traffic than most bridges, very few modifications were needed because the integrity was well preserved through the years. The Veterans Memorial Bridge has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and it also ends up in one historic district. In addition, it was honored with a rare award from the American Society for Civil Engineering for being an important landmark built back when America wasn’t too big yet.

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Landis Valley Museum

Landis Valley Museum

The Landis Valley Museum is much more than just an exhibits hall. With interactive displays and events, they strive to ensure that you get the authentic experience of visiting a museum in rural Pennsylvania during this period. Visitors can experience 18th and 19th-century village life in Lancaster County. The attraction has an extensive education program that offers workshops and field trips with special events for children or adults who want to learn new skills like trades & crafts and explore their historical roots by experiencing what it was like back then.

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