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War veterans are heroes that deserve recognition and respect. The Winters Leadership Memorial seeks to honor all Ephrata’s vets, including Dick Winter, a local hero who served our country bravely in World War II.


This beautiful statute in Veterans’ Plaza is a fitting tribute to Major Winters, one of the most famous soldiers featured in the Band of Brothers mini-series, and all veterans who have served. If you find yourself with some extra time, I would recommend checking out this rail trail named after him as well; the 2-mile-long stretch provides an immersive experience through natural beauty while telling historical stories about those brave men we call “our heroes.”


The Winters Leadership Memorial is a remarkable sculpture in the Ephrata, PA, area, that captures the essence of its subject. An American sculptor from Fairhope, Alabama, created this work in honor and gratitude for all junior officers who served during World War II’s D-Day landings, with one exception. He only allowed it to be dedicated if there were no conditions and would allow for all junior officers that served during D-Day landings so they could have a place where their memories could live on as well, with him having more time than ever before in his life now that we’re at peace after World War II ended.


Major Winters may not have liked being a hero, but he was an American icon. His story is one of service and sacrifice that deserves to be remembered forever, even if the man didn’t feel like it at first glance. The sculptor who made this replica did everything right, from capturing his facial features to a perfectly realistic posture in relief on top – because we all know how vital accuracy can genuinely be when trying to capture someone’s legacy for posterity.


The Winters Leadership Memorial is a beautiful, elegant statue in the center of downtown Ephrata. Located on an open square with tall trees surrounding it and 1000+ bricks engraved with name tags lining both sides, visitors can sit down if they wish to take time out for themselves or meditate before returning to their daily work.


The Winters Leadership Memorial is a unique yet humble way to honor soldiers from all wars. It stands as a replica of the statue that sits near Sainte-Marie du Mont in France and pays homage to those junior officers who served during World War II’s Normandy Landings with its bronze form frozen mid-stride for eternity – reminding us ever so slightly not only what they did but also where we must take up arms should ournation call upon us once more.


Address: 229 Railroad Ave, Ephrata, PA 17522.

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Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail

The Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail is an excellent path for biking and hiking. The 8km long trail offers a relaxed ride with level terrain, perfect if you want to get outdoors. The rail tracks are flat and level, making it easy for bikes or hiking shoes.

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